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Lizards who belong to the Scincidae family are known as skinks. Most of them are dirunial, meaning they are active at day. They have four legs and a slender body. They occur throughout the world. There are around 1500 skinks species in the world, some have gone extinct.

Types of Skinks

    Snake-eyed Skinks (Ablepharus)

    Twin-striped skink Budak’s snake-eyed skink Chernov’s skink
    Darvaz Range skink Desert lidless skink Minor snake-eyed skink
    European snake-eyed skink Lindberg’s snake-eyed skink Asian snake-eyed skink
    Rüppell’s snake-eyed skink


    Acontias albigularis Acontias aurantiacus Acontias bicolor
    Shorthead lance skink Acontias cregoi Fitzsimons’s legless skink
    Acontias gariepensis Acontias gracilicauda Gray’s dwarf legless skink
    Acontias jappi Acontias kgalagadi Acontias lineatus
    Acontias litoralis Cape legless skink Acontias namaquensis
    Acontias occidentalis Acontias orientalis Maputaland legless skink
    Percival’s lance skink Acontias plumbeus Acontias richardi
    Acontias rieppeli Acontias schmitzi Acontias tristis
    Acontias wakkerstroomensis


    Bold-striped cool-skink/ Eastern three-lined skink Red-throated cool-skink/Red-throated skink South-western cool-skink/Western three-lined skink


    San Andrés skink Barbados skink Saint Lucia skink
    Providencia skink


    Amphiglossus astrolabi Amphiglossus reticulatus


    Highlands forest-skink


    Short-necked worm-skink Speckled worm-skink Two-clawed worm-skink
    Five-clawed worm-skink Cape York worm-skink Punctate worm-skink
    Three-clawed worm-skink


    Aspronema cochabambae Paraguay mabuya


    Asymblepharus alaicus Asymblepharus eremchenkoi Asymblepharus himalayanus
    Asymblepharus ladacensis Asymblepharus mahabharatus Asymblepharus nepalensis
    Asymblepharus sikkimensis Asymblepharus tragbulense


    Ateuchosaurus chinensis Ateuchosaurus pellopleurus


    Austroablepharus barrylyoni Kinghorn’s snake-eyed skink Austroablepharus naranjicaudus


    Chilka limbless skink Vizag limbless skink


    Major’s skink Land mullet Arnhem Land Gorges skink


    Brachymeles apus Brachymeles bicolandia Brachymeles bicolor
    Brachymeles boholensis Brachymeles bonitae Brachymeles boulengeri
    Brachymeles brevidactylus Brachymeles cebuensis Brachymeles cobos
    Brachymeles dalawangdaliri Brachymeles elerae Brachymeles gracilis
    Brachymeles hilong Brachymeles ilocandia Brachymeles isangdaliri
    Brachymeles kadwa Brachymeles libayani Brachymeles ligtas
    Brachymeles lukbani Brachymeles makusog Brachymeles mapalanggaon
    Brachymeles mindorensis Brachymeles minimus Brachymeles miriamae
    Brachymeles muntingkamay Brachymeles orientalis Brachymeles paeforum
    Brachymeles pathfinderi Brachymeles samad Brachymeles samarensis
    Brachymeles schadenbergi Brachymeles suluensis Brachymeles talinis
    Brachymeles taylori Brachymeles tiboliorum Brachymeles tridactylus
    Brachymeles tungaoi Brachymeles vermis Brachymeles vindumi
    Brachymeles vulcani Brachymeles wrighti


    Brachyseps anosyensis Boulenger’s tree skink O’Shaughnessy’s Madagascar skink
    Black-striped skink Brachyseps mandady Brachyseps punctatus
    Brachyseps spilostichus Splendid skink


    Brasiliscincus agilis Brasiliscincus caissara Brazilian mabuya


    Blue-mouthed skink


    Caledoniscincus aquilonius Caledoniscincus atropunctatus Caledoniscincus auratus
    Caledoniscincus austrocaledonicus Caledoniscincus chazeaui Caledoniscincus constellatus
    Caledoniscincus cryptos Caledoniscincus festivus Caledoniscincus haplorhinus
    Caledoniscincus notialis Caledoniscincus orestes Caledoniscincus pelletieri
    Caledoniscincus renevieri Caledoniscincus terma


    Cone-eared skink Red-tailed skink Scute-snouted Calyptotis
    Broad-templed skink Thornton Peak skink


    Marie-Galante skink Lesser Martinique skink Lesser Saint Croix skink

    Snow/Cool Skinks (Carinascincus)

    Southern forest cool-skink Alpine cool-skink/Northern snow skink Metallic cool-skink
    Boulder cool-skink/Southern snow skink Spotted skink/Ocellated cool-skink Tasmanian mountain skink/Heath cool-skink
    Pedra Branca cool skink Red-throated skink Tasmanian tree skink/Agile cool-skink

    Four-fingered Skinks (Carlia)

    Carlia aenigma Carlia ailanpalai Bauxite rainbow-skink
    Carlia aramia Carlia babarensis Carlia beccarii
    Rainbow-skink Carlia bomberai Carlia caesius
    Carlia crypta Elegant rainbow-skink Carlia diguliensis
    Sandy rainbow-skink Carlia eothen Indonesian brown skink
    Slender rainbow-skink Whitsunday rainbow-skink Carlia insularis
    Carlia isostriacantha Lined rainbow-skink Rough brown rainbow-skink
    Carlia leucotaenia Closed-litter rainbow-skink Carlia luctuosa
    Shaded-litter rainbow-skink Carlia mysi Carlia nigrauris
    Open-litter rainbow-skink Carlia peronii Carlia pulla
    Carlia quinquecarinata Blue-throated rainbow-skink Black-throated rainbow-skink/ Hooded rainbow skink
    Orange-flanked rainbow-skink Red-throated rainbow-skink/ Northern red-throated skink Red-sided rainbow-skink
    Robust rainbow-skink/ Schmeltz’s skink Carlia sexdentata Carlia spinauris
    Brown bicarinate rainbow-skink Sukur four-toed skink Southern rainbow-skink
    Desert rainbow-skink Carlia tutela Tussock rainbow-skink
    Cape Melville rainbow skink


    Southern pale-hipped skink Northern Pale-hipped skink


    Armitage’s cylindrical skink Bedriaga’s skink Chalcides bottegi
    Chalcides boulengeri Italian three-toed skink Chalcides coeruleopunctatus
    Riffian skink Chalcides delislei Ebner’s skink
    Günther’s cylindrical skink Lanza’s skink Leviton’s cylindrical skink
    Manuel’s skink Two-fingered skink Algerian three-toed skink
    Small three-toed skink Mionecton skink Chalcides montanus
    Ocellated skink Doumergue’s skink Five-fingered skink
    Many-scaled cylindrical skink Moroccan three-toed skink Mocquard’s cylindrical skink
    Ragazzi’s cylindrical skink Chalcides sepsoides Gran Canaria skink
    East Canary skink Chalcides sphenopsiformis Western three-toed skink
    Thierry’s cylindrical skink West Canary skink


    Thwaites’s skink


    Cape Verde giant skink Delalande’s skink Fogo skink
    São Nicolau skink Chioninia spinalis Stanger’s skink
    Vaillant’s mabuya


    Limbless snake-tooth skink Three-toed snake-tooth skink


    Satinay sand skink


    Lemon-barred forest-skink Northern barsided skink Stout barsided skink
    Dark barsided skink Prickly forest skink Stout barsided skink
    Bar-sided forest-skink/Barred-sided skink Yellow-blotched forest-skink/Rainforest water-skink


    Arajara mabuya Greater Windward skink Margarita skink
    Black-spotted skink Redonda skink

    Keeled Water Skinks (Cophoscincopus)

    Cophoscincopus durus Cophoscincopus greeri Cophoscincopus senegalensis
    Cophoscincopus simulans


    Solomon Islands skink


    Cryptoblepharus adamsi Cryptoblepharus africanus Cryptoblepharus ahli
    Cryptoblepharus aldabrae Cryptoblepharus ater Inland snake-eyed skink
    Cryptoblepharus balinensis Cryptoblepharus bitaeniatus Cryptoblepharus boutonii
    Cryptoblepharus buchananii Cryptoblepharus burdeni Cryptoblepharus caudatus
    Cryptoblepharus cognatus Cryptoblepharus cursor Swanson’s snake-eyed skink
    Dappled snake-eyed skink Cryptoblepharus egeriae Cryptoblepharus eximius
    Noble snake-eyed skink Black-boulder shining-skink Cryptoblepharus furvus
    Cryptoblepharus gloriosus Arafura snake-eyed skink Juno’s snake-eyed skink
    Cryptoblepharus keiensis Cryptoblepharus leschenault Coastal snake-eyed skink/ Supralittoral shining-skink
    Blotched shining-skink Mertens’s snake-eyed skink Metallic snake-eyed skink
    Cryptoblepharus nigropunctatus Cryptoblepharus novaeguineae Cryptoblepharus novocaledonicus
    Cryptoblepharus novohebridicus pale snake-eyed skink Cryptoblepharus pannosus
    Péron’s snake-eyed skink/ Callose-palmed shining-skink Mottled snake-eyed skink Cryptoblepharus pulcher
    Cryptoblepharus quinquetaeniatus Cryptoblepharus renschi Cryptoblepharus richardsi
    Tawny snake-eyed skink


    Cryptoblepharus rutilus Cryptoblepharus schlegelianus
    Pygmy snake-eyed skink Russet snake-eyed skink Cream-striped shining-skink/Wall skink
    Cryptoblepharus voeltzkowi Spangled snake-eyed skink Cryptoblepharus xenikos
    Cryptoblepharus yulensis Agile snake-eyed skink Blue-tailed skink


    Ctenotus agrestis Ctenotus arcanus western limestone ctenotus
    Ctenotus alacer Ctenotus ariadnae Ctenotus borealis
    Ctenotus alleni Ctenotus arnhemensis Ctenotus brevipes
    Ctenotus allotropis Ctenotus astarte Ctenotus brooksi
    Ctenotus angusticeps Ctenotus astictus Ctenotus burbidgei
    Ctenotus aphrodite Ctenotus atlas Ctenotus calurus
    Ctenotus capricorni Ctenotus catenifer Ctenotus coggeri
    Ctenotus colletti Ctenotus decaneurus Ctenotus delli
    Ctenotus duricola Ctenotus dux Ctenotus ehmanni
    Ctenotus essingtonii Ctenotus euclae Ctenotus eurydice
    Ctenotus eutaenius Ctenotus gagudju Ctenotus gemmula
    Ctenotus grandis Ctenotus greeri Ctenotus halysis
    Ctenotus hanloni Ctenotus hebetior Ctenotus hilli
    Ctenotus iapetus Ctenotus impar Ctenotus ingrami
    Ctenotus inornatus Ctenotus joanae Ctenotus kurnbudj
    Ctenotus labillardieri Lancelin Island skink Ctenotus lateralis
    Ctenotus leae Ctenotus leonhardii Ctenotus maryani
    Ctenotus mastigura Ctenotus mesotes Ctenotus militaris
    Ctenotus mimetes Ctenotus monticola Ctenotus nasutus
    Ctenotus nigrilineatus Ctenotus nullum Ctenotus olympicus
    coastal plains skink Ctenotus orientalis Ctenotus pallasotus
    Ctenotus pallescens Leopard ctenotus Ctenotus piankai
    Ctenotus pulchellus Ctenotus quattuordecimlineatus Ctenotus quinkan
    Ctenotus quirinus Ctenotus rawlinsoni Ctenotus regius
    Ctenotus rhabdotus Ctenotus rimacolus Ctenotus robustus
    Ctenotus rosarium Ctenotus rubicundus Ctenotus rufescens
    Ctenotus rutilans Ctenotus schevilli Ctenotus schomburgkii
    Ctenotus septenarius Ctenotus serotinus Ctenotus serventyi
    Ctenotus spaldingi Ctenotus storri Ctenotus strauchii
    Ctenotus striaticeps Ctenotus stuarti Ctenotus superciliaris
    Ctenotus taeniatus Copper-tailed skink Ctenotus tanamiensis
    Ctenotus tantillus Ctenotus terrareginae Ctenotus uber
    Ctenotus vagus Ctenotus vertebralis Ctenotus xenopleura
    Ctenotus youngsoni Hamelin ctenotus Ctenotus zebrilla


    Cyclodomorphus branchialis She-oak skink Cyclodomorphus celatus
    Pink-tongued skink Cyclodomorphus maximus Cyclodomorphus melanops
    Cyclodomorphus michaeli Alpine She-oak skink Cyclodomorphus venustus
    Tree skinks (Dasia)
    Griffin’s dasia Big tree skink/Grey dasia/Grey tree skink Ceylonese dasia
    Barred tree skink Nicobar dasia/ Nicobar tree skink Olive dasia/Olive tree skink
    Peters’ dasia Boulenger’s dasia/Boulenger’s tree skink Borneo skink/Striped tree skink
    Shelford’s skink  


    Cunningham’s skink Egernia cygnitos pygmy spiny-tailed skink
    Kimberley crevice-skink Central pygmy spiny-tailed skink Eastern Pilbara spiny-tailed skink
    Goldfield’s crevice-skink Egernia gillespieae Hosmer’s spiny-tailed skink
    King’s skink Eastern crevice-skink/McPhee’s Egernia South-western crevice-skink
    Pilbara crevice-skink Bright crevice-skink/Dark spiny-tailed skink Yakka skink
    Black crevice-skink/Black rock skink Gidgee spiny-tailed skink/Gidgee skink/Stokes’ skink Tree crevice-skink


    Dark-sided emoia/Dark-sided skink/Dateline emoia Emoia aenea Emoia aneityumensis
    Arno skink Littoral skink Emoia aurulenta
    Emoia battersbyi Emoia baudini Emoia beryllion
    Emoia bismarckensis Boettger’s skink Emoia bogerti
    Emoia brongersmai Pacific bluetail skink/Marianas blue-tailed skink Emoia callisticta
    Emoia campbelli Emoia coggeri Emoia concolor
    Blue-bellied skink Azure-tailed emoia/Copper-tailed emoia Emoia cyclops
    Emoia digul Emoia erronan Emoia flavigularis
    Emoia guttata Ccopper striped blue-tailed skink Emoia irianensis
    Emoia isolata Jakati emoia/Kopstein’s skink Emoia jamur
    Emoia kitcheneri Emoia klossi Emoia kordoana
    Kuekenthal’s emo skink Emoia laobaoense Lawes’ skink
    Emoia longicauda Emoia loveridgei Emoia loyaltiensis
    Emoia maculata Emoia maxima Mivart’s skink
    Emoia mokolahi Emoia mokosariniveikau Emoia montana
    Emoia nativitatis Black skink Emoia nigromarginata
    Emoia obscura Emoia oribata Emoia oriva
    Emoia pallidiceps Emoia paniai Emoia parkeri
    Emoia physicae Emoia physicina Kiester’s emo skink/Ponape Forest skink
    Emoia popei Emoia pseudocyanura Emoia pseudopallidiceps
    Emoia reimschisseli Emoia rennellensis Emoia ruficauda
    Emoia rufilabialis Samoan skink Emoia sanfordi
    Emoia schmidti Emoia similis Slevin’s skink/Marianas emoia
    Emoia sorex Emoia submetallica Emoia taumakoensis
    Emoia tetrataenia Emoia tongana Emoia tropidolepis
    Emoia trossula Emoia tuitarere Emoia veracunda


    Greer’s tree skink Epibator insularis Green-bellied tree skink


    Eremiascincus antoniorum Brown-sided bar-lipped skink Eremiascincus butlerorum
    Orange-sided bar-lipped skink Eremiascincus emigrans Narrow-banded sand-swimmer
    Eremiascincus intermedius Northern bar-lipped skink Mosaic desert skink
    Eremiascincus pallidus Lowlands bar-lipped skink Eremiascincus phantasmus
    Broad-banded sand-swimmer Eremiascincus rubiginosus Eremiascincus timorensis


    Eroticoscincus graciloides


    White-banded mastiff skink/ White-banded giant skink/White-striped cape skink Odd-chinned mastiff skink/Odd-chinned giant skink Bar-lipped sheen-skink
    Sula skink Eugongylus unilineatus

    Water Skinks (Eulamprus)

    Warm-temperate water-skink Alpine meadow-skink/Alpine water skink Blue Mountains water skink/Blue Mountain swamp-skink
    Golden water skink/Eastern water-skink/Eastern water skink Southern water skink/Cool-temperate water-skink/Highland water skink


    Algerian skink Blyth’s skink Eumeces cholistanensis
    Eumeces indothalensis Eumeces persicus Eumeces schneiderii


    Eumecia anchietae Eumecia johnstoni


    Poona skink Alpine Punjab skink


    Eutropis allapallensis Eutropis andamanensis Ashwamedh writhing skink/ Ashwamedha supple skink
    Eutropis austini Beddome’s mabuya Eutropis bibronii
    Luzon montane mabuya Keeled Indian mabuya/Many-keeled grass skink Sapa mabuya
    Inger’s mabuya Cuming’s mabuya/Cuming’s eared skink Eutropis darevskii
    Striped grass mabuya/Striped grass skink Six-striped mabuya Taylor’s striped mabuya
    Eutropis gansi Eutropis greeri Brown’s mabuya
    Blanford’s mabuya Giant copper skink/Longtail mabuya Eutropis macrophthalma
    Bronze mabuya/Bronze grass skink Sri Lanka bronze mabuya Many-keeled mabuya/Two-striped mabuya
    East Indian brown mabuya/ Many-lined sun skink/Many-striped skink/Common sun skink/ Golden skink Sharma’s mabuya Eutropis quadratilobus
    Beautiful mabuya Rough mabuya/Brown mabuya Nicobar Island skink/Sulawesi bronze bush skink
    Tammanna skink Three-banded mabuya Tytler’s mabuya


    Black mabuya


    Feylinia boulengeri Feylinia currori Feylinia elegans
    Feylinia grandisquamis Feylinia macrolepis Feylinia polylepis


    Flexiseps alluaudi Andranovaho skink Yellow skink
    Flexiseps crenni Rock skink Flexiseps elongatus
    Johanna’s skink Flexiseps mandokava Spotted skink
    Flexiseps meva Grey skink Flexiseps stylus
    Flexiseps tanysoma Tsaratanana skink Flexiseps valhallae


    Fojia skink    


    Cogger’s island skink Greer’s island skink  


    Meier’s skink    


    Glaphyromorphus clandestinus Glaphyromorphus cracens Glaphyromorphus crassicaudus
    Glaphyromorphus darwiniensis Glaphyromorphus fuscicaudis Glaphyromorphus mjobergi
    Glaphyromorphus nigricaudis Glaphyromorphus nyanchupinta Glaphyromorphus othelarrni
    Glaphyromorphus pumilus Glaphyromorphus punctulatus  


    Bojer’s skink    


    Sadlier’s skink/Gracile burrowing skink    


    Grandidierina fierinensis Grandidierina lineata Grandidierina petiti
    Grandidierina rubrocaudata    


    Haackgreerius miopus    


    Hakaria simonyi    


    Rainforest cool-skink/Beech skink    

    Earless Skinks (Hemiergis)

    Three-toed earless skink South-western mulch-skink south-western earless skink
    Triodia earless skink Four-toed earless skink/Peron’s earless skink/Lowlands earless skink Two-toed earless skink
    Eastern three-toed earless skink    


    levant skink Frontal Asian mabuya/Southern grass skink Bridled mabuya/Bridled skink


    Insulasaurus arborens Insulasaurus traanorum Insulasaurus victoria
    Insulasaurus wrighti


    Thai snake skink/Heyer’s Isopachys Isopachys borealis Gyldenstolpe’s worm skink
    Isopachys roulei    


    Janetaescincus braueri Janetaescincus veseyfitzgeraldi  


    Jarujinia bipedalis    


    Kaestlea beddomii Kaestlea bilineata Kaestlea laterimaculata
    Kaestlea palnica Travancore ground skink  


    Kanakysaurus viviparus Kanakysaurus zebratus  


    Kuniesaurus albiauris    


    Lacertaspis chriswildi Lacertaspis gemmiventris Lacertaspis lepesmei
    Lacertaspis reichenowi Lacertaspis rohdei  


    New Caledonian leopard skink    


    Lamprolepis leucosticta Lamprolepis nieuwenhuisii Emerald tree skink/Green tree skink

    Indo-Australian Ground Skinks/Sunskinks (Lampropholis)

    Diamond-shielded sunskink Friendly sunskink Lampropholis bellendenkerensis
    Montane sunskink Rainforest sunskink Bunya sunskink/Greater litter skink
    Plain-backed sunskink Delicate skink/Rainbow skink/ Garden skink Lampropholis elliotensis
    Lampropholis elongata Common garden skink/Pale-flecked garden sunskink/Guichenot’s grass skink Saxicoline sunskink
    Grey-bellied sunskink Lampropholis similis


    Deignan’s Lanka skink Deraniyagala’s Lanka skink Lankascincus dorsicatenatus
    Peter’s Lanka Skink Gans’ Lankaskink Greer’s Lanka skink
    Munindradasa’s Lanka skink Sripada forest skink Smooth Lanka skink/Ceylon tree skink
    Taylor’s Lanka skink


    Larutia larutensis Larutia miodactyla Larutia nubisilvicola
    Larutia penangensis Larutia puehensis Larutia seribuatensis
    Larutia sumatrensis Larutia trifasciata


    Lauan ground skink/Ono-i-Lau ground skink Leiolopisma ceciliae Leiolopisma fasciolare
    Leiolopisma mauritiana Round Island skink/Telfair’s skink


    Fire skink Lepidothyris hinkeli Lepidothyris striatus


    Osella’s skink Leptoseps poilani


    Leptosiaphos aloysiisabaudiae Leptosiaphos amieti Leptosiaphos blochmanni
    Leptosiaphos dewittei Leptosiaphos dungeri Leptosiaphos fuhni
    Leptosiaphos graueri Leptosiaphos hackarsi Leptosiaphos hylophilus
    Leptosiaphos ianthinoxantha Leptosiaphos kilimensis Leptosiaphos koutoui
    Leptosiaphos luberoensis Leptosiaphos meleagris Leptosiaphos pauliani
    Leptosiaphos rhodurus Leptosiaphos rhomboidalis Leptosiaphos vigintiserierum

    Sliders (Lerista)

    Lerista aericeps Lerista alia Lerista allanae
    Lerista allochira Lerista ameles Lerista amicorum
    Lerista apoda Lerista arenicola Lerista axillaris
    Lerista baynesi Lerista bipes Lerista borealis
    Lerista bougainvillii Lerista bunglebungle Lerista carpentariae
    Lerista chalybura Lerista chordae Lerista christinae
    Lerista cinerea Lerista clara Lerista colliveri
    Lerista connivens Lerista desertorum Lerista distinguenda
    Lerista dorsalis Lerista edwardsae Lerista elegans
    Lerista elongata Lerista emmotti Lerista eupoda
    Lerista flammicauda Lerista fragilis Lerista frosti
    Lerista gascoynensis Lerista gerrardii Lerista greeri
    Lerista griffini Lerista haroldi Lerista hobsoni
    Lerista humphriesi Lerista ingrami Lerista ips
    Lerista jacksoni Lerista kalumburu Lerista karlschmidti
    Lerista kendricki Lerista kennedyensis Lerista kingi
    Southern sandslider Lerista lineata Lerista lineopunctulata
    Lerista macropisthopus Lerista maculosa Lerista micra
    Lerista microtis Lerista miopus Lerista muelleri
    Lerista neander Lerista nevinae Lerista nichollsi
    Lerista occulta Lerista onsloviana Lerista orientalis
    Lerista parameles Lerista petersoni Lerista picturata
    Lerista planiventralis Lerista praefrontalis Lerista praepedita
    Lerista punctatovittata Lerista puncticauda Lerista quadrivincula
    Lerista robusta Lerista rochfordensis Lerista rolfei
    Lerista separanda Lerista simillima Lerista speciosa
    Lerista stictopleura Lerista storri Lerista stylis
    Lerista taeniata Lerista talpina Lerista terdigitata
    Lerista timida Lerista tridactyla Lerista uniduo
    Lerista vanderduysi Lerista varia Lerista verhmens
    Lerista vermicularis Lerista viduata Lerista vittata
    Lerista walkeri Lerista wilkinsi Lerista xanthura
    Lerista yuna Lerista zietzi Lerista zonulata


    Liburnascincus artemis Coen rainbow-skink Outcrop rainbow-skink
    Black Mountain rainbow-skink


    Guthega skink/Snowy Mountains skink Unadorned desert-skink Great Desert skink
    Centralian Ranges rock-skink/Flinder’s Ranges rock-skink Eastern Ranges rock-skink Mountain egernia
    Southern sand-skink Liopholis personata South-western rock-skink
    Centralian Floodplains desert-skink/Slater’s egernia Nocturnal desert-skink/Night skink/Striated egernia White’s rock-skink


    Lioscincus steindachneri Lioscincus vivae


    Lipinia albodorsalis Lipinia auriculata Cheesman’s lipinia
    Lipinia inconspicua Lipinia inexpectata Lipinia infralineolata
    Lipinia leptosoma Lipinia longiceps big-eared lipinia
    Lipinia miangensis Lipinia nitens Lipinia noctua
    Lipinia nototaenia Lipinia occidentalis Lipinia pulchella
    Lipinia pulchra four-striped lipinia Lipinia rabori
    Lipinia relicta Lipinia rouxi Lipinia sekayuensis
    Lipinia semperi Lipinia septentrionalis Lipinia subvittata
    Lipinia surda Lipinia venemai Lipinia vittigera
    Lipinia vulcania Lipinia zamboangensis


    eastern mourning skink Western mourning skink/western glossy swamp skink


    Lobulia alpina Lobulia brongersmai Lobulia elegans
    Lobulia glacialis Lobulia stellaris Lobulia subalpina


    Ivens’ skink/Meadow skink


    Lygisaurus abscondita Lygisaurus aeratus Lygisaurus curtus
    Lygisaurus foliorum Lygisaurus laevis Lygisaurus macfarlani
    Lygisaurus malleolus Lygisaurus novaeguineae Lygisaurus parrhasius
    Lygisaurus rimula Lygisaurus rococo Lygisaurus sesbrauna
    Lygisaurus tanneri Lygisaurus zuma


    Lygosoma albopunctatum Lygosoma angeli Lygosoma anguinum
    Lygosoma bampfyldei Lygosoma boehmei Lygosoma bowringii
    Lygosoma corpulentum Lygosoma frontoparietale Lygosoma goaensis
    Lygosoma guentheri Lygosoma haroldyoungi Lygosoma herberti
    Lygosoma isodactylum Lygosoma kinabatanganensis Lygosoma koratense
    Lygosoma lanceolatum Lygosoma lineata Lygosoma lineolatum
    Lygosoma opisthorhodum Lygosoma peninsulare Lygosoma popae
    Lygosoma pruthi Lygosoma punctata Lygosoma quadrupes
    Lygosoma samajaya Lygosoma schneideri Lygosoma siamensis
    Lygosoma singha Lygosoma tabonorum Lygosoma veunsaiensis
    Lygosoma vosmaeri


    Cochons skink Désirade skink Dominica skink
    Grande-Terre skink Guadeloupe skink . Hispaniolan two-lined skink
    Greater Martinique skink Montserrat skink Petite Terre skink


    Ankodabe skink Madascincus arenicola Redtail skink
    Rusty skink Common Madagascar skink Madascincus miafina
    Madascincus minutus Morondava skink Madascincus nanus
    Madagascar coastal skink Madascincus pyrurus Stumpff’s skink


    South American small-handed skink/Dunn’s mabuya  


    Maracaiba meridensis Maracaiba zuliae


    Marisora alliacea Marisora aurulae Marisora brachypoda
    Marisora falconensis Corn Island Skink Roatán Skink
    Central American mabuya  


    Marmorosphax boulinda Marmorosphax kaala Montane marble-throated skink
    Marmorosphax taom Marble-throated skink


    Longtail limbless skink Uluguru limbless skink Melanoceps longicauda
    Melanoseps loveridgei Melanoseps occidentalis Melanoceps pygmaeus
    Melanoseps rondoensis Melanoceps uzungwensis


    Alana’s menetia Jabiluka dwarf skink Common dwarf skink
    Main’s menetia Western dwarf skink


    Tepalcatepec skink Managua skink Schwartze’s skink


    Mochlus brevicaudis Mochlus grandisonianus Mochlus guineensis
    Mochlus laeviceps Mochlus mabuiiformis Mochlus mafianus
    Mocquard’s writhing skink[ Mochlus paedocarinatus Mochlus pembanus
    Mochlus productus Mochlus simonettai Mochlus somalicus
    Sundevall’s writhing skink Mochlus tanae Mochlus vinciguerrae

    Firetail Skinks (Morethia)

    Saltbush Morethia skink Boulenger’s skink Woodland Morethia skink
    West coast Morethia skink Shrubland Morethia skink Lined firetail skink
    Top end firetail skink North-eastern firetail skink


    Nangur spiny skink  


    Nannoscincus exos Nannoscincus fuscus Nannoscincus garrulus
    Nannoscincus gracilis Nannoscincus greeri Nannoscincus hanchisteus
    Nannoscincus humectus Nannoscincus koniambo Nannoscincus manautei
    Nannoscincus mariei Nannoscincus rankini Nannoscincus slevini


    Smith’s Snake Skink Burton’s nessia Deraniyagala’s snake skink
    Two-toed nessia Gans’ three-toed snake skink Hickanala nessia
    Layard’s snake skink One-toed nessia Sarasins’ snake skink


    Notomabuya frenata  


    Soil-crevice skinks  


    Fiordland skink copper skink Alan’s skink
    Awakopaka skink Burgan skink Green skink
    Marlborough spotted skink Oligosoma fallai Grand skink
    Hardy’s skink chevron skink Pukuma skink
    Cryptic skink speckled skink barrier skink
    northern spotted skink slight skink Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands skink
    Canterbury spotted skink long-toed skink McCann’s skink
    MacGregor’s skink small-scaled skink Moko skink
    Chatham Islands skink Northland skink southern skink
    marbled skink ornate skink Otago skink
    Sinbad skink common New Zealand skink Mackenzie skink
    Eyres skink Aorangi skink shore skink
    small-eared skink striped skink egg-laying skink
    Open Bay Islands skink Te Kakahu skink Nevis skink
    Towns’ skink scree skink Whitaker’s New Zealand skink
    brown skink  


    Ophiomorus blanfordi Ophiomorus brevipes Ophiomorus chernovi
    Ophiomorus kardesi Ophiomorus latastii Maranjab snake skink
    Ophiomorus nuchalis Ophiomorus persicus limbless skink
    Ophiomorus raithmai Ophiomorus streeti three-toed snake skink


    Cooloola snake-skink Yolk-bellied snake-skink Short-limbed snake-skink


    Venezuelan mountain skink  


    Cuming’s sphenomorphus  


    Gardiner’s burrowing skink  


    Guinea lidless skink Annobón lidless skink Peters’ lidless skink
    Panaspis burgeoni Cabinda lidless skink Panaspis duruarum
    Panaspis helleri Speckle-lipped snake-eyed skink Blue-tailed snake-eyed skink
    Namibian snake-eyed skink Nimba snake-eyed skink Seydel’s snake-eyed skink
    Boulenger’s dwarf skink São Tomé leaf-litter skink Togo lidless skink
    Angolan snake-eyed skink Wilson’s snake-eyed skink


    Carvalho’s mabuya Horton’s mabuya


    Papuascincus buergersi Papuascincus morokanus Papuascincus phaeodes
    Papuascincus stanleyanus  


    Paracontias ampijoroensis Paracontias brocchii Paracontias fasika
    Paracontias hafa Paracontias hildebrandti Paracontias holomelas
    Paracontias kankana Paracontias mahamavo Paracontias manify
    Paracontias milloti Paracontias minimus Paracontias rothschildi
    Paracontias tsararano Paracontias vermisaurus


    Parvoscincus abstrusus Parvoscincus agtorum Parvoscincus arvindiesmosi
    Parvoscincus aurorus Parvoscincus banahaoensis Parvoscincus beyeri
    Parvoscincus boyingi Parvoscincus decipiens Parvoscincus duwendorum
    Parvoscincus hadros Parvoscincus igorotorum Parvoscincus jimmymcguirei
    Parvoscincus kitangladensis Parvoscincus laterimaculatus Parvoscincus lawtoni
    Parvoscincus leucospilos Parvoscincus luzonensis Parvoscincus manananggalae
    Parvoscincus palaliensis Parvoscincus palawanensis Parvoscincus sisoni
    Parvoscincus steerei Parvoscincus tagapayo Parvoscincus tikbalangi


    Phaeoscincus ouinensis Phaeoscincus taomensis


    Phasmasaurus maruia Phasmasaurus tillieri


    Terror skink Garnier’s skink


    Pinoyscincus abdictus Cox’s sphenomorphus Jagor’s sphenomorphus
    Leyte sphenomorphus Mindanao sphenomorphus


    coal skink Barbour’s skink Plestiodon bilineatus
    short-nosed skink mountain skink Plestiodon capito
    Chinese Skink Plestiodon colimensis Plestiodon copei
    Korean big skink Plestiodon dicei Dugès’ skink
    Mole skink Five-striped blue-tailed skink Common five-lined skin
    Plestiodon finitimus Gilbert’s skink Plestiodon indubitus
    Southeastern five-lined skink Japanese five-lined skink Kishinouye’s giant skink
    PLestiodon kuchinoshimensis San Lucan skink Broad-headed skink
    Okada’s five-lined skink Plestiodon leucostictus Plestiodon liui
    Bermuda rock skink Plestiodon lotus Oak forest skink
    Ryūkyū five-lined skink Plestiodon multilineatus Many-lined skink
    Plestiodon nietoi Great Plains skink Plestiodon ochoterenae
    Plestiodon oshimensis Northern pygmy skink Southern pygmy skink
    Plestiodon popei Four-lined Asian skin Florida sand skink
    Prairie skink Western skink Yaeyama seven-lined skink
    Plestiodon sumichrasti Plestiodon takarai Plestiodon tamdaoensis
    Four-lined skink Plestiodon tunganus


    Yellow-footed green-blooded skink Prasinohaema parkeri Prasinohaema prehensicauda
    Prasinohaema semoni Green green-blooded skink


    Proablepharus reginae Proablepharus tenuis


    Proscelotes aenea Proscelotes arnoldi Proscelotes eggeli


    Great Bight cool-skink Alpine bog skink Southern grass skink
    Southern grass tussock skink Rawlinson’s window-eyed skink Trunk-climbing cool-skink


    Pseudoacontias angelorum Pseudoacontias madagascariensis Pseudoacontias menamainty
    Pseudoacontias unicolor  


    Psychosaura agmosticha Hoge’s mabuya


    Fine-browed dwarf skink Magnetic Island dwarf skink Dwarf litter-skink


    Pygomeles braconnieri Pygomeles petteri Pygomeles trivittatus

    Cat skinks (Ristella)

    Beddome’s cat skink Günther’s ristella Rurk’s ristella
    Travancore cat skink  


    Yellow-bellied three-toed skink  


    Saproscincus basiliscus Saproscincus challengeri Saproscincus czechurai
    Saproscincus eungellensis Saproscincus hannahae Saproscincus lewisi
    Southern weasel skink Saproscincus oriarius Saproscincus rosei
    Cape Melville shade skink Pale-lipped shade skink Saproscincus tetradactylus

    African Skinks (Scelotes)

    Scelotes anguineus Scelotes arenicolus Scelotes bidigittatus
    Scelotes bipes Scelotes bourquini Scelotes caffer
    Scelotes capensis Scelotes duttoni Scelotes fitzsimonsi
    Gronovi’s dwarf burrowing skink Günther’s dwarf burrowing skink Scelotes inornatus
    Scelotes insularis Kasner’s dwarf burrowing skink Limpopo burrowing skink
    Scelotes mirus Scelotes montispectus Scelotes mossambicus
    Scelotes poensis Scelotes sexlineatus Scelotes uluguruensis
    Scelotes vestigifer  

    Ground Skinks (Scincella)

    Scincella apraefrontalis Scincella assata Scincella barbouri
    Scincella boettgeri Scincella capitanea Scincella caudaequinae
    Scincella cherriei Scincella darevskii Scincella devorator
    Scincella doriae Scincella forbesorum Scincella formosensis
    Forest ground skink Scincella huanrenensis Scincella incerta
    Scincella kikaapoa Scincella lateralis Scincella macrotis
    Black ground skink Scincella modesta Scincella monticola
    Scincella nigrofasciata Scincella ochracea Scincella potanini
    Scincella przewalskii Scincella punctatolineata Scincella rara
    Scincella reevesii Scincella rufocaudata Scincella rupicola
    Scincella schmidti Scincella sikimmensis Scincella silvicola
    Scincella tsinlingensis Scincella vandenburghi Scincella victoriana


    Peters’s banded skink  


    Scincus albifasciatus Scincus hemprichii Eastern sandfish/Eastern skink
    Common sandfish/Common skink  


    Scolecoseps acontias Scolecoseps boulengeri Scolecoseps broadleyi
    Scolecoseps litipoensis  


    Sepsina alberti Sepsina angolensis Sepsina bayoni
    Sepsina copei Sepsina tetradactyla


    Spotted Eastern Ghats skink  


    Sigaloseps balios Sigaloseps conditus Sigaloseps deplanchei
    Sigaloseps ferrugicauda Sigaloseps pisinnus Sigaloseps ruficauda


    Blue-speckled forest-skink Border Ranges blue-spectacled skink


    Oange-bellied burrowing skink  

    Common Skinks (Sphenomorphus)

    Pointed-headed sphenomorphus Sphenomorphus aignanus Sphenomorphus alfredi
    Sphenomorphus annectens Sphenomorphus anomalopus Sphenomorphus anotus
    Sphenomorphus apalpebratus Sphenomorphus bacboensis Sphenomorphus bignelli
    Sphenomorphus brunneus Sphenomorphus buenloicus Sphenomorphus buettikoferi
    Sphenomorphus capitolythos Sphenomorphus celebensis Sphenomorphus cinereus
    Sphenomorphus concinnatus Sphenomorphus consobrinus Sphenomorphus courcyanus
    Sphenomorphus cranei Sphenomorphus crassus Sphenomorphus cryptotis
    Sphenomorphus cyanolaemus Sphenomorphus darlingtoni Sphenomorphus dekkerae
    Sphenomorphus derooyae Sphenomorphus diwata Dussumier’s forest skink
    Banded sphenomorphus Sphenomorphus forbesi Sphenomorphus fragilis
    Sphenomorphus fragosus Sphenomorphus fuscolineatus Sphenomorphus grandisonae
    Sphenomorphus granulatus Sphenomorphus haasi Sphenomorphus helenae
    Sphenomorphus incognitus Indian forest skink Sphenomorphus jobiensis
    Sphenomorphus kinabaluensis Sphenomorphus latifasciatus Sphenomorphus leptofasciatus
    Sphenomorphus lineopunctulatus Sphenomorphus longicaudatus Sphenomorphus loriae
    Sphenomorphus louisiadensis Spotted forest skink Sphenomorphus maculicollus
    Sphenomorphus maindroni Sphenomorphus malaisei Sphenomorphus malayanus
    Sphenomorphus megalops Sphenomorphus melanopogon Sphenomorphus meyeri
    Sphenomorphus microtympanus Sphenomorphus mimicus Sphenomorphus mimikanus
    Sphenomorphus minutus Sphenomorphus modiglianii Müllers Keilskink
    Sphenomorphus multisquamatus Sphenomorphus murudensis Sphenomorphus necopinatus
    Sphenomorphus neuhaussi Sphenomorphus nigriventris Sphenomorphus nigrolabris
    Sphenomorphus nigrolineatus Sphenomorphus oligolepis Sphenomorphus orientalis
    Sphenomorphus papuae Sphenomorphus praesignis Sphenomorphus pratti
    Sphenomorphus puncticentralis Sphenomorphus rarus Sphenomorphus rufus
    Sabah slender skink Sphenomorphus sananus Sphenomorphus sanctus
    Sphenomorphus sarasinorum Sphenomorphus schlegeli Sphenomorphus schultzei
    Sphenomorphus scotophilus Palauan skink Sphenomorphus senja
    Sphenomorphus sheai Sphenomorphus shelfordi Sphenomorphus simus
    Sphenomorphus solomonis Sphenomorphus stellatus Sphenomorphus striolatus
    Sphenomorphus sungaicolus Sphenomorphus taiwanensis Sphenomorphus tanahtinggi
    Sphenomorphus tanneri Sphenomorphus taylori Sphenomorphus tenuiculus
    Sphenomorphus tersus Sphenomorphus tetradactylus Sphenomorphus tonkinensis
    Sphenomorphus transversus Sphenomorphus tridigitus Sphenomorphus tritaeniatus
    Sphenomorphus tropidonotus Sphenomorphus undulatus Sphenomorphus vanheurni
    Sphenomorphus variegatus Sphenomorphus wollastoni Sphenomorphus woodfordi
    Sphenomorphus yersini Sphenomorphus zimmeri

    Antillean four-lined skinks (Spondylurus)

    Spondylurus anegadae Spondylurus caicosae Spondylurus culebrae
    Spondylurus fulgidus Spondylurus haitiae Spondylurus lineolatus
    Spondylurus macleani Spondylurus magnacruzae Spondylurus martinae
    Spondylurus monae Spondylurus monitae Spondylurus nitidus
    Anguilla Bank skink Spondylurus semitaeniatus Spondylurus semitaeniatus
    Spondylurus sloanii Spondylurus spilonotus Spondylurus turksae


    Tonga ground skink  


    Bartle Frere skink  

    Blue-tongued Skinks or Tiliqua

    Adelaide pygmy blue-tongue skink Indonesian blue-tongued skink Centralian blue-tongued skink
    Blotched blue-tongued skink Western blue-tongued skink Shingleback
    Australian blue-tongued skink Irian Jaya blue-tongued skink


    Anderson’s mabuya  


    Wedge-snouted mabuya Trachylepis adamastor white-lipped skink
    Trachylepis albotaeniata Trachylepis angolensis Noronha skink
    Senegal mabuya gold-spotted mabuya Bayon’s skink
    Benson’s mabuya Betsileo mabuya Ovambo tree skink
    Bocage’s mabuya Boettger’s mabuya Boulenger’s mabuya
    Ukinga Mountain skink short-necked skink Trachylepis buettneri
    Cape three-lined skink Trachylepis casuarinae Chimba skink
    Comoro Island skink Trachylepis cristinae Damara skink
    Eastern coastal skink Two-coloured skink Trachylepis dumasi
    Smart mabuya Ferrara’s mabuya Trachylepis gonwouoi
    Madagascar jungle skink Somali mabuya Trachylepis hildebrandtii
    Hoesch’s skink Red-sided skink Trachylepis infralineata
    Alpine-meadow skink Trachylepis keroanensis Bronze rock skink
    Variable skink Angolan blue-tailed skink Langheld’s skink
    Trachylepis lavarambo Trachylepis loluiensis Trachylepis maculata
    Speckle-lipped skink Malagasy mabuya Trachylepis makalowodei
    Rainbow mabuya Grass-top skink Trachylepis mekuana
    Mulanje skink Trachylepis monardi Nancy Coutu’s skink
    Trachylepis nganghae Western three-striped skink Trachylepis ozorii
    Tropical mabuya Trachylepis pendeana Fire-sided skink
    Tree skink Tropical mabuya Trachylepis principensis
    Trachylepis pulcherrima Montane speckled skink Speckled sand skink
    Five-lined mabuya Laurent’s long-tailed skink Rodenburg’s mabuya
    Seychelles skink Trachylepis socotrana Trachylepis sparsa
    Kalahari tree skink African striped mabuya Western rock skink
    Trachylepis tandrefana Trachylepis tavaratra Trachylepis tessellate
    Trachylepis thomensis Variable mabuya Variegated skink
    Boulder mabuya Trachylepis vezo Trachylepis volamenaloha
    Wahlberg’s striped skink Trachylepis wingati Wright’s skink

    Crocodile Skinks or Tribolonotus

    Tribolonotus annectens Tribolonotus blanchardi Tribolonotus brongersmai
    Tribolonotus choiseulensis Red-eyed bush crocodile skink Tribolonotus novaeguineae
    Tribolonotus parkeri Tribolonotus ponceleti Tribolonotus pseudoponceleti
    Tribolonotus schmidti    


    North-eastern waterskink Tropidophorus baconi Tropidophorus baviensis
    Tropidophorus beccarii Berdmore’s water skink Tropidophorus boehmei
    Tropidophorus brookei Tropidophorus cocincinensis Tropidophorus davaoensis
    Gray’s water skink Tropidophorus guangxiensis Tropidophorus hainanus
    Tropidophorus hangnam Tropidophorus iniquus Tropidophorus laotus
    Tropidophorus latiscutatus Tropidophorus matsuii Tropidophorus microlepis
    Tropidophorus micropus Misamis waterside skink Mocquard’s keeled skink
    Tropidophorus murphyi Tropidophorus noggei Tropidophorus partelloi
    Tropidophorus perplexus Tropidophorus robinsoni Tropidophorus sebi
    Tropidophorus sinicus Thai water skink  


    Aubrey’s whiptailed skink Northern whiptailed skink Southern whiptailed skink


    Tumbunascincus luteilateralis  


    FitzSimons’ burrowing skink Typhlacontias punctatissimus Typhlacontias gracilis
    Typhlacontias johnsonii Typhlacontias kataviensis Typhlacontias rohani
    Typhlacontias rudebecki  


    Typhlosaurus braini Typhlosaurus caecus Lomi’s blind legless skink
    Typhlosaurus meyeri Typhlosaurus vermis  


    Tytthoscincus aesculeticola Zamboanga sphenomorphus Cursed-stone diminutive leaf-litter skink
    Sulu sphenomorphus Fraser’s Hill forest skink Butler’s forest skink
    Tytthoscincus cophias Tytthoscincus hallieri Tioman Island forest skink
    Cameron Highlands Tytthoscincus kakikecil Tytthoscincus keciktuek
    Scaly-eared diminutive leaf-litter skink Hindu Temple forest skink Sungai Bubu forest skink
    Tytthoscincus panchorensis Tytthoscincus parvus Perhentian Island forest skink
    Sibu Island forest skink Singapore swamp skink Temengor forest skink
    Tytthoscincus temmincki Tytthoscincus textus  


    Varzea altamazonica Two-striped mabuya  


    Vietnascincus rugosus  


    Voeltzkowia mira Voeltzkowia mobydick Voeltzkowia yamagishii

    Habitat: Where Do Skinks Live

    Skinks live in grasslands, mountains, and deserts. Except for polar and boreal regions, they are found everywhere.

    Diet: What Do They Eat

    Wild skinks are insectivorous and they enjoy caterpillars, beetles, flies, grasshoppers, and crickets. Slugs, snails, millipedes, earthworms, little rodents, and moths also form their diet. Pet skinks can thrive well with a fair share of vegetables along with carnivorous.

    Reproduction and Life Cycle

    Depending on the species, skinks could be oviparous, viviparous, and ovoviviparous. Egg-laying skinks build nests beforehand. In some species, males are aggressive enough to fight off other competitors to win over the affection of a female skink.

    Are They Dangerous and Do They Bite

    They are not aggressive and do not usually bite. That is the reason some of the species ae kept as pets.

    How Long Does a Skink Live

    A skink can live for 5-20 years.

    Threats and Predators

    Snakes, possums, hawks, herons, dogs, raccons, crows, coatis are common threats of skinks. Sometimes, other bigger lizards also prey on them.

    Interesting Facts

    • Bougainville’s skink and three-toed skink are can lay eggs and give birth to live young.
    • They don’t need to eat every day.
    • Their blood color is green, mainly because of the vile pigment Biliverdin.
    • Skinks’ body color is similar to the environmnet they live in.

    Fire Skink
    Five-lined Skink
    Prehensile-tailed Skink
    Ground Skink
    Sand Skink
    Western Skink
    Red Eyed Crocodile Skink
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