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Argentine Snake-Necked Turtle

Argentine snake-necked turtle is a species of turtle found in northern Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and southern Brazil. The turtle derived its name from its long neck. It is quite favored in the exotic pet trade. Females are larger than males.

      Kingdom Animalia
      Phylum Chordata
      Class Reptilia
      Order Testudines
      Family Chelidae
      Genus Hydromedusa
      Scientific Name Hydromedusa tectifera

      Other Names South American snake-necked turtle
      Size Around 28 cm (11 in)
      Color Dark brown outer shell with fully yellow or yellow with brown blotches underside of the shell; olive to gray head with tan or yellow jaws; underside of the head and chin is yellow with dark lines or spots; olive gray tail
      Distribution Northern Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, southern Brazil
      Habitat Rivers, streams, marshes, and ponds with aquatic vegetation; also occupy brackish water in coastal areas
      Diet Snails, fish, aquatic insects, amphibians
      Hibernation Fact May hibernate in colder areas within its range
      Breeding Season Spring
      Mode of Reproduction Oviparous (egg-laying)

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