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Geckos are basically lizards, characterized by a long tail and four legs with adhesive toe pads. These pads help them move easily on various surfaces. They shed their skin and consume that subsequently. The shedding occurs more commonly during their juvenile state but the frequency of shedding decreases as they enter adulthood. Some geckos are kept as pets for their interesting coloration.

Types of Geckos

    Pygopodidae or Legless Lizards/ Snake-Lizards/ Flap-footed Lizards

    Burton’s legless lizard or Lialisburtonis Lialisjicari Marble-faced delma
    Rusty-topped delma Spinifex snake-lizard, unbandeddelma, butler’s legless lizard, Javelin lizard
    Desert delma Pilbara delma Fraser’s delma
    Gray’s legless lizard, side-barred delma, Heath delma Striped legless lizard
    Patternlessdelma Single-striped delma/ striped-tailed delma Atherton delma
    Patternlessdelma/ olive legless lizard, Gulfs delma Sharp-snouted legless lizard/ sharp-snouted delma Peace delma
    Painted delma Leaden delma North west cape delma
    Excitable delma Adorned delma, collared delma Brigalow scaly-foot/ queensland snake-lizard
    Common scaly-foot Western hooded scaly-foot/ black-headed scaly-foot/ western scaly-foot/ hooded scaly-foot Cape york scaly-foot/ robert’s scaly-foot
    Eastern scaly-foot Eastern hooded scaly-foot/ eastern scaly-foot Northern hooded scaly-foot
    Bronzeback snake-lizard Eared worm-lizard, mallee worm-lizard Aprasiaclairae
    Shark Bay worm-lizard Red-tailed worm-lizard/ mallee worm-lizard Gnaraloo worm-lizard
    Granite worm-lizard/ pink-tailed worm-lizard Aprasiapicturata Flinders ranges worm-lizard
    Pretty worm-lizard Sedgelands worm-lizard Exmouth worm-lizard/ hermite island worm-lizard
    Zuytdorp worm-lizard Striated worm-lizard Wicherina worm-lizard
    Slender slider Subspecies: Pletholaxgracilisedelensis, Pletholaxgracilisgracilis


    Carphodactyluslaevis or chameleon gecko Centralian rough knob-tailed gecko Rough knob-tailed gecko
    Pernatty knob-tailed gecko Smooth knob-tailed gecko
    Nephrurus levis smooth knob-tailed gecko Subspecies: Nephrurus levis occidentalis, Nephrurus levis pilbarensis
    Kimberley rough knob-tailed gecko Stellate knob-tailed gecko Midline knob-tailed gecko
    Banded knob-tailed gecko Subspecies: Nephruruswheelericinctus, Nephruruswheeleriwheeleri
    Barking gecko Mcilwraith leaf-tailed gecko, long-necked northern leaf-tailed gecko Mount elliot leaf-tailed gecko
    Bulburin leaf-tailed gecko Champion’s leaf-tailed gecko Gulbaru leaf-tailed gecko
    Mount Blackwood leaf-tailed gecko Oakview leaf-tailed gecko Eungella leaf-tailed gecko
    Mackay Coast leaf-tailed gecko Broad-tailed gecko Northern leaf-tailed gecko
    Cape Melville leaf-tailed gecko Mount Marsh leaf-tailed gecko/ Kate’s leaf-tailed gecko Moritz’s leaf-tailed gecko/ New England leaf-tailed gecko
    Rough-throated leaf-tailed gecko/ Central Queensland leaf-tailed gecko Southern leaf-tailed gecko/ Border Ranges leaf-tailed gecko Granite leaf-tailed gecko
    Thick-tailed gecko Underwoodisaurus seorsus Border thick-tailed gecko


    Clouded gecko Lesueur’s velvet gecko/ lesueur’s gecko Slim velvet gecko
    Zigzag velvet gecko Duvaucel’s gecko Delcourt’s sticky-toed gecko/ delcourt’s giant gecko/ kawekaweau
    Cape York pad-tail gecko Northern velvet gecko/ Cape York pad-tail gecko Pseudothecadactylus cavaticus
    Giant cave gecko Strand bavayia Günther’s new caledonian gecko/ forest bavayia
    Sclerophyll bavayia Gracile bavayia Bavayia goroensis
    Mountain New Caledonian gecko/ montane bavayia Bavayia nubila Ornate bavayia
    Pretty bavayia Robust forest bavayia Sauvage’s new caledonian gecko/ sauvage’s bavayia
    Sadlier’s New Caledonian gecko/ pale-stripe bavayia White-spotted ground gecko Lucasium bungabinna
    Gibber gecko/ Byrne’s gecko Beaded gecko Pale-striped ground gecko
    Main’s ground gecko Alligator Rivers gecko Mottled ground gecko
    Steindachner’s gecko/ box-patterned gecko Pale-snouted ground gecko/ crowned gecko Pilbara ground gecko
    New Caledonian bumpy gecko/ gargoyle gecko
    Leach’s giant gecko/ New Caledonian giant gecko SubspeciesRhacodactylus leachianus aubrianusRhacodactylus leachianus henkeliRhacodactylus leachianus leachianus
    Greater rough-snouted giant gecko/ tough-snouted gecko Lesser rough-snouted giant gecko/ dwarf rough-snouted giant gecko/ tough-snouted giant gecko Correlophus belepensis
    Eyelash gecko/ Crested gecko Sarasin’s giant gecko/suras gecko Mossy New Caledonian gecko/ Bavay’s giant gecko/ mossy prehensile-tailed gecko
    Mniarogekko jalu Border beaked gecko Eyre Basin beaked gecko
    Brigalow beaked gecko Eastern beaked gecko Western beaked gecko
    Northern beaked gecko Central uplands clawless gecko Northern clawless gecko
    Western clawless gecko Subspecies : C. Ocellatus ocellatus, C. Ocellatus horni
    Southwest Kimberley clawless gecko Cape Range clawless gecko Southwestern clawless gecko
    Pilbara clawless gecko Takitimu gecko Forest gecko
    Black-eyed gecko/ Whitaker’s sticky-toed gecko Cloudy gecko Goldfields spiny-tailed gecko
    Northern spiny-tailed gecko Congoo gecko Jewelled gecko
    Arnhem Phasmid gecko Eastern spiny-tailed gecko/ southern spiny-tailed gecko Southern phasmid gecko
    Short-tailed striped gecko Robust striped gecko Exmouth spiny-tailed gecko
    Soft spiny-tailed gecko South-western spiny-tailed gecko Western spiny-tailed gecko
    White-striped gecko Phasmid striped gecko The golden-tailed gecko/ golden spiny-tailed gecko
    Golden-eyed gecko Western Shield spiny-tailed gecko Soft-spined gecko/ eastern spiny-tailed gecko
    Mount Augustus striped gecko/ Mount Augustus spiny-tailed gecko Pacific sticky-toed gecko/ Pacific gecko Auckland green gecko
    Jewelled gecko Gray’s tree gecko/

    northland green gecko

    Northern tree gecko/ marlborough green gecko
    Wellington green gecko Natural tree gecko/ rough gecko Starry tree gecko/ Nelson green gecko
    Lewis Pass green gecko/ West Coast green gecko Cook Strait striped gecko/ Stephen’s Island gecko Grande Terre Striped Gecko
    Key new caledonian gecko Islands striped gecko Kaala striped gecko
    Koniambo striped gecko Striped gecko Poum striped gecko
    Taom striped gecko Bold-striped gecko Robust gecko/ robust velvet gecko
    Harlequin gecko Eastern deserts fat-tailed gecko Gulf fat-tailed gecko
    Western fat-tailed gecko South coast gecko Cape range stone gecko
    Variable fat-tailed gecko/ burrow-plug gecko Kimberley fat-tailed gecko Lake disappointment ground gecko
    Ranges stone gecko Forked gecko Northern Pilbara beak-faced gecko
    Helmeted gecko Western stone gecko Northern fat-tailed gecko
    Kenneally’s gecko Kluge’s gecko Desert fat-tailed gecko
    Speckled stone gecko Pilbara stone gecko Diplodactylus nebulosus
    Ornate stone gecko Eastern fat-tailed gecko Spotted sandplain gecko
    Fine-faced gecko Yellow-spotted pilbara gecko Tessellated gecko
    Wood gecko/ stone gecko/ eastern stone gecko Desert wood gecko Marbled gecko
    Canterbury gecko Golden sticky-toed gecko/ gold-stripe gecko/ gold-striped gecko Raukawa gecko/ New Zealand common gecko
    Bauer’s chameleon gecko Eurydactylodes occidentalis Symmetrical gecko
    Bavay’s gecko Vieillard’s chameleon gecko Oedura argentea
    Gulf marbled velvet gecko Northern velvet gecko Inland marbled velvet gecko
    Northern spotted velvet gecko Fringe-toed velvet gecko Western marbled velvet gecko
    Jewelled velvet gecko/ dotted velvet gecko Gracile velvet gecko Quinkan velvet gecko
    Mereenie velvet gecko Marbled velvet gecko Ocellated velvet gecko
    Limestone range velvet gecko Southern spotted velvet gecko Reticulated velvet gecko
    High elevation bavayia


    Cat gecko Texas banded gecko
    Yucatán banded gecko SubspeciesColeonyx elegans nemoralis, Coleonyx elegans elegans
    Black banded gecko Central american banded gecko Reticulate banded gecko
    Switak’s banded gecko/ barefoot banded gecko/

    barefoot gecko

    Isla San Marcos barefoot banded gecko
    Western banded gecko SubspeciesColeonyx variegatus abbotti, Coleonyx variegatus bogerti , Coleonyx variegatus peninsularisColeonyx variegatus sleviniColeonyx variegatus sonoriensisColeonyx variegatus utahensisColeonyx variegatus variegates
    Iraqi eyelid gecko/

    Iranian fat-tailed gecko

    West Indian leopard gecko East Indian leopard gecko/ hardwicke’s Gecko
    Common leopard gecko Subspecies: Afghan leopard gecko, Eublepharis macularius fasciolatus

    Eublepharis macularius maculariusEublepharis macularius montanusEublepharis macularius smithi

    Satpura leopard gecko Turkmenistan eyelid gecko Vietnamese leopard gecko/ Chinese tiger gecko
    Goniurosaurus bawanglingensis Cat Ba leopard gecko Goniurosaurus huuliensis
    Goniurosaurus luii Goniurosaurus liboensis Kadoories’s cave gecko
    Guangxi cave gecko Chinese cave gecko/ Cave Gecko Lichtenfelder’s gecko/ Zhou’s leopard gecko
    Kuroiwa’s ground gecko/ Okinawan ground gecko Spotted ground Gecko/ Japanese cave gecko Sengoku’s gecko
    Banded ground gecko Iheyajima leopard gecko Yamashina’s ground gecko
    Yingde leopard gecko Zhe-long’s leopard gecko African fat-tailed gecko
    Taylor’s fat-tailed gecko African whole-toed gecko/ Boettger’s strong-clawed gecko/ African clawed gecko East African clawed gecko


    Afroedura africana Amatola rock/ flat gecko Bogert’s rock gecko
    Broadley’s rock gecko Afroedura gorongosa Granite rock gecko
    Haacke’s rock gecko Inland rock gecko/ Hall’s flat gecko Hawequa flat gecko/ Cape rock gecko
    Karoo flat gecko Lowveld flat gecko/ Lang’s flat gecko/ Lang’s rock gecko Leolo rock gecko
    Loveridge’s rock gecko Giant Swazi flat gecko, major rock gecko Maripi rock gecko, Mariepskop flat gecko
    Marley’s flat gecko/ Marley’s rock gecko Woodbush flat gecko/ Multipored rock gecko Namaqua flat gecko/ Namaqua rock gecko
    Drakensberg flat gecko/ Drakensberg rock gecko Pienaar’s rock gecko Pondo flat gecko/ Pondo rock gecko
    Pongola rock gecko Rondavels rock gecko/ Blyde River flat gecko Abel Erasmus flat gecko
    Tembu flat gecko/ Queenstown rock gecko Afroedura tirasensis African Rock Gecko Transvaal flat gecko/ Transvaal rock gecko
    Waterberg rock gecko Luperosaurus angliit Brooks’s fringed gecko/ Brooks’s wolf gecko
    Brown’s fringed gecko/ Brown’s fringe Gecko/ Brown’s Gecko Corfield’s fringed gecko Cuming’s flap-legged gecko/ Philippine wolf gecko/ Philippine fringed gecko
    Luperosaurus gulat Iskandar’s fringed gecko/ Pak Djoko’s flap-legged gecko Taylor’s fringed gecko/ Jolo flapped-legged gecko/ Taylor’s wolf gecko
    Luperosaurus kubli Macgregor’s fringed gecko/ mcgregor’s flapped-legged gecko/ macgregor’s wolf gecko Palawan flapped-legged gecko/ Palawan wolf gecko
    Luperosaurus sorok Yasuma’s fringed gecko Afrogecko ansorgii
    Marbled leaf-toed gecko Angola dwarf gecko Angulated dwarf gecko
    Pasteur’s dwarf gecko Arnoult’s dwarf gecko/ Bernard’s dwarf gecko Tiny scaled gecko
    Lygodactylus blancae Blanc’s dwarf gecko Bons’s dwarf day gecko
    Bradfield’s dwarf gecko Broadley’s dwarf gecko Cape dwarf gecko
    Chobe dwarf gecko/ Okavango dwarf gecko Matschie’s dwarf gecko Cameroon dwarf gecko/ Conrau’s dwarf gecko
    Angel’s dwarf gecko Zaire dwarf gecko Ambilobe dwarf gecko
    Fischer’s dwarf gecko Bunty’s dwarf gecko/ Kenya dwarf gecko/ Grandison’s dwarf gecko Granite dwarf gecko
    Usambara dwarf gecko Lygodactylus grotei Western dwarf gecko
    Uganda dwarf gecko/ chevron-throated dwarf gecko Boettger’s dwarf gecko Dar es Salaam dwarf gecko
    Insular dwarf gecko Lygodactylus intermedius Kenya dwarf gecko/ parker’s dwarf gecko
    Lygodactylus kimhowelli Klemmer’s dwarf gecko/ Malagasy dwarf gecko Kluge’s dwarf gecko
    Lygodactylus laterimaculatus Lawrence’s dwarf gecko Yellow-headed dwarf gecko/ dwarf yellow-headed gecko
    Madagascar dwarf gecko Mann’s dwarf gecko Woodbrush dwarf gecko/ Methuen’s dwarf gecko
    Günther’s dwarf gecko Lygodactylus mirabilis Lygodactylus mombasicus
    Mount Ivohibe gecko Black-spotted dwarf gecko Ocellated dwarf gecko/ spotted dwarf gecko
    Ornate dwarf gecko Lygodactylus pauliani Painted dwarf gecko/ white-headed dwarf gecko
    Robust dwarf gecko Thin dwarf gecko Prince dwarf gecko
    King dwarf gecko Lygodactylus roavolana Scheffler’s dwarf gecko
    Scortecci’s dwarf gecko Somali dwarf gecko Stevenson’s dwarf gecko
    Annobon dwarf gecko Grandidier’s dwarf gecko Lygodactylus tuberosus
    Mocquard’s dwarf gecko Lygodactylus viscatus Waterberg dwarf gecko
    South American dwarf gecko Electric blue gecko/ turquoise dwarf gecko/ Williams’s dwarf gecko Mt. Kenya dwarf gecko
    Agamura kermanensis Persian spider gecko Matoatoa brevipes
    Matoatoa spannringi Seychelles bronze gecko Dwarf bronze gecko
    Yellow gecko/ Giant bronze gecko Lebanese thin-toed gecko Iranian keel-scaled gecko/ Iranian gecko
    Barton’s thin-toed gecko Short-limbed bend-toed gecko Mediterranean thin-toed gecko
    Asia Minor thin-toed gecko Iraqi keel-scaled gecko/ Iraqi gecko Ilamian keel-scaled gecko
    Kotschy’s gecko Mediodactylus narynensis Mediodactylus oertzeni
    Mediodactylus orientalis Grey thin-toed gecko/ Transcaspian bent-toed gecko Bampur thin-toed gecko/ Jaz Murian bent-toed gecko
    Spiny-tailed thin-toed gecko/ Kopet Dagh bent-toed gecko Mediodactylus stevenandersoni Chitral gecko
    Southern even-fingered gecko Strauch’s even-fingered gecko Even-fingered gecko
    Xinjiang even-fingered gecko Szczerbak’s even-fingered gecko Tadjikistan even-fingered gecko
    Chabahar dwarf gecko Low lying gecko Helen’s banded dwarf gecko/ banded dwarf Gecko/ Khuzestan/ Khuristan dwarf gecko/ Helen’s tiny gecko
    Zagros tiny gecko/ Latifi’s dwarf gecko Persian sand/ dwarf gecko Batura Glacier gecko/ Batura Thin-toes gecko
    Leviton’s gecko Plump swati gecko/ Minton’s thin-toed gecko Karakorum gecko/ Baltistan gecko/ frontier bow-fingered gecko
    Kirghizia even-fingered gecko/ Tien Shan even-fingered gecko/ Tjan-Shan pygmy gecko Nactus acutus Southern Cape York nactus/ Chevert’s gecko
    Lesser night gecko Nactus eboracensis Black mountain slender-toed gecko
    Nactus kunan Nactus multicarinatus
    Rock gecko/ Pacific slender-toed gecko/ pelagic gecko SubspeciesNactus pelagicus pelagicusNactus pelagicus undulatus
    Serpent Island gecko SubspeciesNactus serpensinsula durrellorumNactus serpensinsula serpensinsula
    Nactus soniae Nactus sphaerodactylodes Van Kampen’s gecko
    Blaesodactylus ambonihazo Blaesodactylus antongilensis Blaesodactylus boivini
    Blaesodactylus microtuberculatus Sakalava velevet gecko Blaesodactylus victori
    Festive gecko Blanford’s ground gecko Thick-tailed tuberculated gecko/ thickhead rock gecko
    Southern tuberculated gecko, Arabian desert gecko, Baluch rock gecko Pachydactylus acuminatus Transvaal thick-toed gecko
    Kamaggas gecko/ Namaqua banded gecko Angolan thick-toed gecko/ Angola large-scaled gecko Good’s gecko/ Augrabies gecko
    Austen’s thick-toed gecko Barnard’s thick-toed gecko/ Barnard’s rough gecko Two-coloured thick-toed gecko/ velvety thick-toed gecko
    Pachydactylus boehmei Cape thick-toed/ cape gecko Angola banded thick-toed gecko
    Richtersveld gecko Sossus gecko Damaraland banded gecko, banded thick-toed gecko, striped thick-toed gecko
    Karoo gecko/ southern rough gecko/ Smith’s thick-toed gecko Brandberg thick-toed gecko Cradock thick-toed gecko/ ocellated thick-toed gecko
    Pachydactylus griffini Haacke’s thick-toed gecko/ Haacke’s gecko Katanga thick-toed gecko
    Thin-skinned thick-toed gecko/ fragile thick-toed gecko/ thin-skinned gecko Pachydactylus kobosensis Koch’s thick-toed gecko/ koch’s gecko
    Western Cape thick-toed gecko/ Western Cape gecko/ Calvinia thick-toed gecko Quartz gecko Large-scaled banded gecko
    Spotted thick-toed gecko Pachydactylus maraisi Marico thick-toed gecko/ ceres thick-toed gecko/ common banded gecko
    Pachydactylus mclachlani Monica’s thick-toed gecko Montane thick-toed gecko
    Namaqua thick-toed gecko Golden spotted thick-toed gecko African thick-toed gecko/ Kaokoland rock gecko
    Pachydactylus oshaughnessyi Pachydactylus otaviensis Pachydactylus parascutatus
    Speckled thick-toed gecko/ pointed thick-toed gecko Pachydactylus purcelli Namib web-footed gecko/ namib sand gecko
    Pachydactylus reconditus Shielded thick-toed gecko/ large-scaled gecko Rough thick-toed gecko/ rough-scaled gecko/ wrinkled thick-toed gecko/ common rough gecko
    San Steyn’s gecko/ coastal thick-toed gecko Sherz’s thick-toed gecko Shielded thick-toed gecko/ large-scaled gecko
    Western spotted thick-toed gecko Tiger thick-toed gecko Tsodilo thick-toed gecko
    Van Son’s thick-toed gecko/ Van Son’s gecko Namib desert gecko Visser’s gecko
    Kalahari ground gecko/ Wahlberg’s Kalahari gecko SubspeciesPachydactylus wahlbergii furciferPachydactylus wahlbergii wahlbergii
    Pachydactylus waterbergensis Weber’s thick-toed gecko Werner’s thick-toed gecko
    Indian golden gecko/ Beddome’s golden gecko Sri Lankan golden gecko/ Illingworths’ golden gecko/ Illingworths’ gecko/ golden gecko Paragehyra austini
    Paragehyra felicitae Paragehyra gabriellae Angel’s petite gecko
    South African ground gecko/ Namib sand gecko/ Common giant ground gecko SubspeciesChondrodactylus angulifer angulifer , Chondrodactylus angulifer namibensis
    Bibron’s gecko, Bibron’s sand gecko, Bibron’s thick-toed gecko Fitzsimons’s thick-toed gecko/ button-scaled gecko Fischer’s thick-toed gecko
    Pulitzer’s thick-toed gecko Turner’s thick-toed gecko Grandidier’s Madagascar ground gecko
    Mocquard’s Madagascar ground gecko Paroedura fasciata Graceful Madagascar ground gecko
    Northern Madagascar ground gecko Hordies’s ground gecko Ibity ground gecko
    Paroedura karstophila Paroedura kloki Paroedura lohatsara
    Paroedura maingoka Paroedura masobe Nosy Be ground gecko
    Panther gecko/ fat-headed gecko/ Malagasy fat-tailed gecko/ Madagascar ground gecko/ ocelot gecko Comoro ground gecko Paroedura spelaea
    Paroedura stellata Paroedura stumpffi Paroedura tanjaka
    Paroedura vahiny Paroedura vazimba Alexander’s marbled gecko/ Alexander’s southern gecko
    Lord Howe Island southern gecko/ Lord Howe Island gecko/ Günther’s island gecko    
    Marbled southern gecko/ marbled gecko SubspeciesC. M. Macrodactylus , C. M. Marmoratus


    Ziaie’s Pars-gecko Cnemaspis Africana  or African Gecko Koehler’s gecko
    Cnemaspis alantika Western gecko Barbour’s gecko
    Ondo forest gecko, Nigeria crag gecko Four-lined forest gecko, Dickerson’s forest gecko Sternfeld’s gecko
    Two-scaled gecko Cnemaspis spinicollis Mount elgon forest gecko
    Tanzania gecko Giant forest gecko/ Perret’s Nigeria gecko Adi’s day gecko
    Agarwal’s dwarf gecko Coastal day gecko C. Maculicollis
    Ajija’s day gecko Mahabal’s day gecko Alwis’s day gecko
    Amboli day gecko Cnemaspis menikay Molligoda’s day gecko
    Amith’s day gecko Waynaad day gecko Cnemaspis anaikattiensis
    Mysore day gecko Ponmudi day gecko Cnemaspis anamudiensis
    Nilgiri day gecko Cnemaspis andersonii Assam day gecko
    Nilgala day gecko Southern day gecko Beddome’s day gecko
    Ornate day gecko Boie’s day gecko Vellore day gecko/ ota’s day gecko
    Yellow-bellied day gecko Cnemaspis pava Cnemaspis gemunu
    Phillip’s day gecko Giri’s day gecko Deraniyagala’s gecko/ dwarf day gecko
    Goan day gecko Cnemaspis pulchra Godagedara’s day gecko
    Cnemaspis punctata Rajakaruna’s day gecko Graceful day gecko/ slender day gecko
    Rammale day gecko Different-scaled day gecko/ Gund day gecko Nilgiri dwarf gecko/ Indian day gecko
    Retigala day gecko Indraneil’s day gecko/ Das’s day gecko Samanala day gecko
    Cnemaspis ingerorum Jerdon’s day gecko Ferguson’s day gecko
    Cnemaspis kallima Forest day gecko Cnemaspis kandambyi
    Kandyan day gecko/ Kandyan rock gecko Theobald’s gecko/ Sispara day gecko Kolhapur day gecko
    Marked-belly gecko/ rough-bellied day gecko Kottiyoor day gecko Kumarasinghe’s day gecko
    Upendra’s day gecko Latha’s day gecko Cnemaspis wicksi
    Limaye’s day gecko Wynad day gecko Limaye’s day gecko
    Yercaud day gecko Cnemaspis aceh Cnemaspis mumpuniae
    Pinang Island rock gecko/ Stoliczka’s gecko Narathiwat rock gecko Cnemaspis andalas
    Lawit Mountain rock gecko/ Argus rock gecko/ Dring’s gecko Neang Thy’s rock gecko Hon Dat rock gecko
    Black-spotted rock gecko/ Borneo black gecko Pulau Aur rock gecko/ Bauer’s rock gecko Niyomwan’s rock gecko
    Kampung Bayu rock gecko/ Gua Bayu rock gecko/ Bayu Cave rock gecko Nui Cam Hill rock gecko Pulau Bidong rock gecko
    Cnemaspis omari Cnemaspis pagai Twin-spot rock gecko
    Fairy rock gecko Con dao round eyed gecko/ boulenger’s rock gecko Pemanggil island rock gecko
    Chan-ard’s rock gecko Chanthaburi rock gecko Peninsular rock gecko
    Cnemaspis perhentianensis Hon Tre Island rock gecko Phang Nga rock gecko
    Cnemaspis dezwaani Dring’s rock gecko Cnemaspis phuketensis
    Orange-bellied rock gecko False mcguire’s rock gecko Fraser’s hill rock gecko/ titiwangsa rock gecko/ yellow-striped rock gecko
    Grismer’s rock gecko Psychedelic rock gecko Cnemaspis hangus
    Spotted-neck rock gecko Tiger rock gecko Cnemaspis purnamai
    Cnemaspis huaseesom Cnemaspis rajabasa Cnemaspis jacobsoni
    Roti Canai rock gecko Kamolnorranath’s rock gecko Merapoh rock gecko
    Karst-dwelling rock gecko Shahrul’s rock gecko Kendall’s rock gecko
    Trang Province gecko/ Kumpol’s rock gecko Siamese rock gecko Lao rock gecko
    Cnemaspis stongensis Curse rock gecko Cnemaspis sundagekko
    Tioman Island rock gecko/ Tioman round-eyed gecko Cnemaspis sundainsula Stripe-throated rock gecko
    Cnemaspis tapanuli Cnemaspis temiah Mahsuri’s rock gecko
    Cnemaspis thachanaensis Mcguire’s rock gecko Tuc Dup Hill rock gecko
    Cnemaspis minang Cnemaspis timoriensis Cnemaspis modiglianii
    Vandeventer’s rock gecko Monks’ rock gecko Cnemaspis whittenorum
    Micronesia saw-tailed gecko/ Duméril’s tropical gecko Vanuatu saw-tailed gecko/ Günther’s tropical gecko Atoll giant gecko/ shielded tropical gecko
    Comb-toed gecko Sind gecko
    Assumption day gecko/ Aldabra day gecko/ Abbott’s day gecko Subspecies: Aldabra Island day gecko/ Aldabra day gecko, Cheke’s day gecko, Assumption Island day gecko
    Andaman Islands day gecko Phelsuma antanosy
    Stripeless day gecko, Seychelles (small) day gecko SubspeciesPhelsuma astriata astovei, Phelsuma astriata astriata (Seychelles small day gecko), Phelsuma astriata semicarinata
    Barbour’s day gecko Phelsuma berghofi Phelsuma borai
    Réunion Island day gecko Subspecies: Agalega day gecko, Phelsuma borbonica borbonicaPhelsuma borbonica mater
    Phelsuma breviceps Blue-tailed day gecko Phelsuma comorensis
    Phelsuma dorsivittata Zanzibar day gecko, dull day gecko Rodrigues day gecko
    Yellow-throated day gecko Rodrigues giant day gecko Phelsuma gouldi
    Madagascar giant day gecko Round Island day gecko/ Günther’s gecko Mauritius lowland forest day gecko/ orange-spotted day gecko
    Speckled day gecko Phelsuma hielscheri Phelsuma hoeschi
    Reunion Island ornate day gecko/ Manapany day gecko Phelsuma kely Klemmer’s day gecko/ cheerful day gecko/ yellow-headed day gecko
    Koch’s giant day gecko  
    Gold dust day gecko/ broad-tailed day gecko Subspecies: Phelsuma laticauda angularis, Phelsuma laticauda laticauda
    Lined day gecko SubspeciesPhelsuma lineata bombetokensisPhelsuma lineata elanthanaPhelsuma lineata lineatePhelsuma lineata punctulata
    Phelsuma madagascariensis Subspecies: Boehme’s giant day gecko, Madagascar day gecko
    Phelsuma malamakibo Phelsuma masohoala
    Modest day gecko Subspecies: Phelsuma modesta leiogaster, Phelsuma modesta modesta
    Thicktail day gecko Island day gecko Mauritius ornate day gecko
    Pemba Island day gecko/ Parker’s day gecko Phelsuma parva Pasteur’s day gecko
    Phelsuma pronki  
    Phelsuma pusilla Subspecies: Hallmann’s day gecko, Phelsuma pusilla pusilla  
    Peacock day gecko Subspecies: four-spotted day gecko, Phelsuma quadriocellata bimaculata, Phelsuma quadriocellata lepida
    Phelsuma ravenala Robert Mertens’s day gecko Rösler’s day gecko
    Mauritius upland forest day gecko Seipp’s day gecko Flat-tailed day gecko
    Standing’s day gecko  
    Seychelles giant day gecko/ Mahé day gecko/ La Digue day gecko/ Praslin Island day gecko Subspecies: Phelsuma sundbergi ladiguensis, Phelsuma sundbergi longinsulae, Phelsuma sundbergi sundbergi
    Phelsuma vanheygeni  
    Boettger’s day gecko/ Indian day gecko Subspecies: Anjouan Island day gecko, Grand Comoro day gecko, Phelsuma v-nigra v-nigra
    Peringuey’s leaf-toed gecko/ salt marsh gecko Gulf short-fingered gecko Cyrtodactylus aaroni
    Cyrtodactylus adleri Cyrtodactylus adorus Cyrtodactylus aequalis
    Agam bow-fingered gecko Mindanao bow-fingered gecko Boulenger’s Indian gecko
    Angulated bow-fingered gecko/ angled forest gecko Annandale’s leaf-toed gecko Annulated bow-fingered gecko
    Cyrtodactylus arcanus Starry bent-toed gecko Kyauk Nagar Cave bent-toed gecko


    Phnom Aural bent-toed gecko Aur Island bent-toed gecko Golden-belted bent-toed gecko
    Southern Titiwangsa bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus ayeyarwadyensis Cyrtodactylus badenensis
    Balu bow-fingered gecko Ban Soc bent-toed gecko Batik bent-toed gecko
    Reticulate plump-bodied gecko Besar Island bent-toed gecko Bayin Nyi Cave bent-toed gecko
    Cyrtodactylus bhupathyi Bich Ngan’s bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus bidoupimontis
    Bintang lowland bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus bintangtinggi  
    Guadalcanal bow-fingered gecko Bobrov’s bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus bokorensis
    Cyrtodactylus boreoclivus Cyrtodactylus brevidactylus Short-hand forest gecko/ Kampuchea bow-fingered gecko
    Cyrtodactylus buchardi Cyrtodactylus bugiamapensis Calame’s bent-toed gecko
    Cyrtodactylus caovansungi Cyrtodactylus capreoloides Cardamom Mountains bent-toed gecko
    Cattien bent-toed gecko Niah Cave gecko/ Sarawak bow-fingered gecko Cayu bent-toed gecko
    Cyrtodactylus celatus Chamba bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus chanhomeae
    Chaunghanakwa Hill bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus chauquangensis Cyrtodactylus chrysopylos
    Kollegal ground gecko/ forest spotted gecko Con Dao bow-fingered gecko/ Pulo Condore bow-fingered gecko Cyrtodactylus consobrinoides
    Thin-banded forest gecko/ Peters’s bow-fingered gecko Cyrtodactylus cracens Cyrtodactylus cryptus
    Cucdong bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus cucphuongensis Dammathet cave bent-toed gecko
    Darevski’s bent-toed gecko Darmandville bow-fingered gecko Dat bent-toed gecko


    Khan’s bow-fingered gecko/

    Plump banded gecko

    Günther’s Indian gecko/ Deccan ground gecko/ banded ground gecko Derongo bow-fingered gecko


    Moluccan bow-fingered gecko Doi Suthep bent-toed gecko Dumnui’s bent-toed gecko
    Durian bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus edwardtaylori Eisenman’s bent-toed gecko
    Malaysia bow-fingered gecko Cyrtodactylus epiroticus Cyrtodactylus equestris
    Red-eyed bent-toed gecko Banded bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus feae
    Sri Lanka bow-fingered gecko Cyrtodactylus fumosus Cyrtodactylus gansi
    Gialai bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus gordongekkoi Grismer’s bent-toed gecko


    Gua Kanthan bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus gubaot Sikkimese bent-toed gecko
    Gunung Senyum bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus guwahatiensis Cyrtodactylus halmahericus
    Chiku bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus hikidai Himalaya bow-fingered gecko


    Himalaya bent-toed gecko Hinnamno bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus hitchi
    Hon Tre bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus hoskini Cyrtodactylus huongsonensis
    Huynh’s bent-toed gecko Sabah bow-fingered gecko Skin-toe forest gecko


    Intermediate bow-fingered gecko Doi inthanon bent-toed gecko


    Cyrtodactylus irianjayaensis
    Irregular bow-fingered gecko Cyrtodactylus jaegeri Cyrtodactylus jaintiaensis
    Cyrtodactylus jambangan Jarak Island bent-toed gecko


    Jarujin’s forest gecko
    Jelawang bent-toed gecko Kabaena bow-fingered gecko


    Jeypore rock gecko
    Cyrtodactylus kazirangaensis Khammouane bent-toed gecko Khasi Hills bent-toed gecko
    Lampang bent-toed gecko East Montalivet Island gecko/

    Kimberley bent-toed gecko

    Cyrtodactylus kingsadai
    Klakah bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus klugei Kunya’s bent-toed gecko
    Phnom Laang bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus laevigatus Langkawi Island bent-toed gecko


    Sumatra bow-fingered gecko Lawder’s bent-toed gecko


    Tenggol Island bent-toed gecko
    Cyrtodactylus lekaguli Lenggong bent-toed gecko


    Lenya banded bent-toed gecko


    Linno Cave bent-toed gecko Linn-Way bent-toed gecko Lomyen bent-toed gecko
    Boulenger’s bow-fingered gecko Ring-tailed gecko Large tubercled bent-toed gecko/ tuberculate bent-toed gecko
    Cyrtodactylus majulah Borneo bow-fingered gecko Cyrtodactylus mamanwa
    Cyrtodactylus mandalayensis Striped gecko Marbled bow-fingered gecko
    Martin’s bent-toed gecko Barred gecko Matsui’s bent-toed gecko/ Hikida’s bow-fingered gecko
    Cyrtodactylus mcdonaldi Cyrtodactylus medioclivus Bago Yoma bent-toed gecko
    Cyrtodactylus metropolis Mimika bent-toed gecko/ Mimika bow-fingered gecko/ false bow-fingered gecko Cyrtodactylus minor
    Cyrtodactylus montanus Multipored bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus murua
    Mya Leik Taung bent-toed gecko


    Mt. Popa bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus nagalandensis
    Cyrtodactylus naungkayaingensis Clouded Indian gecko Nepalese rock gecko
    Cyrtodactylus nigriocularis New Guinea bow-fingered gecko Cyrtodactylus nuaulu
    Shwe Settaw bent-toed gecko


    Oldham’s bow-fingered gecko Ota’s bent-toed gecko
    Panti Mountain bent-toed gecko Butterfly forest gecko Papua bow-fingered gecko
    Cyrtodactylus paradoxus Cyrtodactylus payacola Cyrtodactylus pyadalinensis
    Tenasserim Mountain bent-toed gecko Pegu forest gecko/ Thai bow-fingered gecko Farmer’s bent-toed gecko
    Pharbaung Cave bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus phetchaburiensis Philippine bow-fingered gecko
    Phong Nha-Ke Bang bow-fingered gecko


    Phuket bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus phuocbinhensis
    Phu Quoc bent–toed gecko Cyrtodactylus pronarus Speckle-faced bent-toed gecko
    Cyrtodactylus pseudoquadrivirgatus Inger’s bow-fingered gecko Pù Hu bent-toed gecko
    Malayan forest gecko Pyinyaung bent-toed gecko Four-striped forest gecko/ marbled bent-toed gecko/ Taylor’s bow-fingered gecko
    Cyrtodactylus ramboda Ranong bent-toed gecko Palawan bow-fingered gecko
    Cyrtodactylus rex Rishi Valley geckoella Cyrtodactylus robustus
    Roesler’s bent-toed gecko Rosichonariefi’s bent-toed gecko Red bow-fingered gecko


    Rufford bent-toed gecko


    Cyrtodactylus russelli Sadan Cave bent-toed gecko


    Sadleir’s bow-fingered gecko


    Sai Yok bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus salomonensis
    Sam Roi Yot bent-toed gecko Nui Chua bent-toed gecko Sanook bent-toed gecko


    Sanpel Cave bent-toed gecko Peninsular bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus semiadii
    Kerinci bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus septentrionalis Bảy Núi bent-toed gecko
    Seribuat bent-toed gecko Derooij’s bow-fingered gecko Cyrtodactylus serratus
    Sharkari’s bent-toed gecko Shwetaung bent-toed gecko Sin Yine Cave bent-toed gecko
    Cyrtodactylus slowinskii Knuckles bent-toed gecko/ Dumbara bent-toed gecko Sommerlad’s bent-toed gecko
    Son’s bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus sonlaensis Soudthichak’s bent-toed gecko
    Forest spotted gecko Cyrtodactylus spelaeus Cyrtodactylus spinosus
    Bangalore geckoella Stresemann’s bent-toed gecko Sinharaja bent-toed gecko
    Sumontha’s gecko Cyrtodactylus sumuroi Cyrtodactylus surin
    Sworder’s bent-toed gecko/ Kota-tinggi forest gecko/

    Johore bow-fingered gecko

    Cyrtodactylus tahuna Takou bent-toed gecko
    Tamai bent-toed gecko Tambora bent-toed gecko Tanahjampea bent-toed gecko
    Cyrtodactylus tanim Cyrtodactylus tautbatorum Taybac bent-toed gecko
    Cyrtodactylus taynguyenensis Tebu Mountain bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus teyniei
    Thathom bent-toed gecko Thirakhupt’s bent-toed gecko Thochu bent–toed gecko
    Cyrtodactylus thuongae Cyrtodactylus thylacodactylus Cyrtodactylus tibetanus
    Tiger bent-toed gecko Banjaran Timur bent-toed gecko Tioman Island bent-toed gecko
    Spotted ground gecko/ spotted bow-fingered gecko/ Sri Lanka gecko/ spotted bent-toed gecko Cameron Highlands bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus tripartitus
    Cyrtodactylus tripuraensis Cyrtodactylus tuberculatus Giri’s Geckoella
    Moulmein forest gecko/ variegated bow-fingered gecko Cyrtodactylus vilaphongi Cyrtodactylus wakeorum
    Cyrtodactylus wallacei Wangkulangkul’s bent-toed gecko Cyrtodactylus wayakonei
    Wel Pyan Cave bent-toed gecko Wetar bow-fingered gecko Demon gecko/ blotch bow-fingered gecko/ spotted bow-fingered gecko/ northern Sri Lanka gecko
    Yangbay bent-toed gecko Yathe Pyan Cave bent-toed gecko Yoshi’s bow-fingered gecko
    Cyrtodactylus ywanganensis Cyrtodactylus zhaoermii Cyrtodactylus ziegleri
    Cyrtodactylus zugii Central Visayan false gecko Luzon false gecko
    Zamboanga false gecko Philippine false gecko Leyte diminutive false gecko
    Romblon Province false gecko Southern Philippine false gecko Polillo false gecko
    Bicol false geckos Makran spider gecko/ nikolsky’s iranian gecko/ nikolsky’s spider gecko Delhi rock gecko
    Cyrtopodion baigii Cyrtopodion belaense Blanford’s short-toed gecko
    Fort Munro sandstone gecko Werner’s bent-toed gecko/ Werner’s spider gecko/ Farsian spider gecko Cyrtopodion golubevi
    Cyrtopodion hormozganum Soan gecko Ingoldbyi western ground gecko/ warty rock gecko/ Kachh gecko/ Ingoldby’s stone gecko
    Kiabii’s angular-toed gecko Kerman bent-toed gecko/ Kirman thin-toed gecko Sulaiman Range gecko
    Jammu bent-toed gecko Cyrtopodion medogense Salt Range gecko
    Persepolis angular-toed gecko Potwar/ Potahar gecko Rosy-tailed sandstone gecko
    Rohtas gecko Keeled gecko/ common tuberculate ground gecko/ rough-tailed bowfoot gecko/ rough bent-toed gecko/ rough-tailed gecko Sistan angular-toed gecko
    Northern spotted ground gecko/ Watson’s gecko/ Pakistani thin-toed gecko Namib chirping gecko
    Common barking gecko SubspeciesPtenopus garrulus garrulusPtenopus garrulus maculatus
    Koch’s barking gecko Bauer’s leaf-toed gecko Dixonius hangseesom
    Sam Roi Yot leaf-toed gecko Black-spotted leaf-toed gecko Dixonius minhlei
    Siamese leaf-toed gecko Dixonius taoi Vietnamese leaf-toed gecko
    Banna parachute gecko Horsfield’s parachute gecko/ Horsfield’s flying gecko Philippine parachute gecko/ Intermediate flying gecko
    Kaeng Krachan parachute gecko Kuhl’s parachute gecko/ Kuhl’s flying gecko Burmese parachute gecko/ Burmese flying gecko/ smooth-backed flying gecko/ smooth-backed gliding gecko
    Nicobar gliding gecko Mt. Popa parachute gecko Sabah flying gecko
    Ptychozoon trinotaterra Ebenavia boettgeri Madagascar clawless gecko
    Ebenavia maintimainty Ebenavia robusta Ebenavia safari
    Ebenavia tuelinae Swartberg African leaf-toed gecko Zambezi thick-toed gecko/ Tete thick-toed gecko
    Warty thick-toed gecko Kharan spider gecko/ sharp-tailed spider gecko Witte’s gecko/ Missone’s spider gecko
    Fish-scale gecko/ Peters’s spotted gecko Comoran fish scale gecko Many-scaled gecko
    Grandidier’s gecko Geckolepis megalepis Spotted day gecko/ ocellated day gecko/ Namaqua day gecko/
    Narrow-tailed four-clawed gecko/narrowhead dtella Top-end dtella/ northern dtella/ house gecko Short-tailed dtella
    Banda Island dtella Borroloola dtella Palau Island dtella
    North west Cape gehyra Chain-backed dtella Western cryptic gehyra
    Northern dtella/ dubious four-clawed gecko/ dubious dtella Einasleigh rock dtella Fehlmann’s dtella/ fehlmann’s four-clawed gecko
    Hamersley Range spotted gehyra Small-spotted midwest rock gehyra Gehyra georgpotthasti
    Kimberley karst gecko Kimberley granular-toed gecko Northern Pilbara cryptic gehyra
    Pacific stump-toed gecko Oudemans’s dtella Kimberley dtella
    Banded rock dtella Lacerated dtella Lazell’s dtella/ southern rock dtella
    Leopold dtella Large Pilbara rock gehyra Ternate dtella/ Moluccan gecko
    Medium Pilbara spotted rock gehyra Port Moresby dtella Small Pilbara spotted rock gehyra
    Dwarf dtella Centralian dtella Gehyra moritzi
    Gehyra multiporosa Sugar gecko/ tender-skinned house gecko/ Pacific gecko/ butiki/ stump-toed gecko/ common four-clawed gecko/ stump-tailed gecko Northern spotted rock dtella
    Kimberley Plateau dtella Pacific dtella/ Oceania gecko Pilbara Island gehyra
    Arnhemland Watercourse dtella/ Arnhem Land spotted dtella Papua dtella/ Papua four-clawed gecko Litchfield spotted gecko
    Burrup Peninsula rock gehyra Pilbara dtella Northern Kimberley gecko
    Large-spotted midwest rock gehyra Southern kimberley spotted gecko Gehyra pulingka
    Spotted gecko/ spotted dtella Purplish dtella Robust dtella
    Gehyra rohan Gehyra serraticauda Small wedge-toed gecko
    Crescent-marked Pilbara gehyra Varied dtella/ variegated dtella/ tree dtella Gehyra versicolor
    Voracious dtella/ voracious four-clawed geckoll Crocodile-faced dtella Namib day gecko
    Barnard’s Namib day gecko Benguela day gecko Rhoptropus biporosus
    Boulton’s Namib day gecko Rhoptropus bradfieldi Rhoptropus diporus
    Mountain day gecko Rhoptropus taeniostictus Aaron bauer’s gecko
    Adler’s gecko Naden gecko Gekko nutaphandi
    Gekko albofasciolatus Palawan narrow-disked gecko/ Palawan gecko Brown’s gecko/ smooth-scaled narrow-disked gecko
    Palmated gecko/ palm gecko Shanxi gecko Sandstone gecko/thai gecko
    Golden gecko Batan narrow-disked gecko/ Taylor’s gecko Böhme’s gecko
    Reeves’s tokay gecko Bonkowski’s gecko Gekko remotus
    Philippine gecko Cà Ná marbled gecko Ross’s Calayan gecko
    Russell Train’s marble gecko Canh’s gecko Yunnan gecko
    Luzon karst gecko Gekko scientiadventura Gray’s Chinese gecko
    Sengchanthavong’s gecko Babuyan Claro gecko Gekko shibatai
    Gekko ernstkelleri Siamese green-eyed gecko
    Tokay Gecko SubspeciesGekko gecko azhari, Gekko gecko gecko
    Gekko similignum Large forest gecko/ Smith’s green-eyed gecko Gigante gecko/ Gigante narrow-disked gecko
    Gekko subpalmatus Grossmann’s gecko/ marbled gecko Peking gecko
    Gekko guishanicus Mingtao’s gecko Kwangsi gecko/ Hokou gecko
    Ta Kou marbled gecko Schlegel’s Japanese gecko Tawa gecko
    Botel gecko Thakhek gecko Kwangsi gecko
    Lauhachinda’s cave gecko Truong’s gecko Libo’s gecko
    Andaman giant gecko Gekko vertebralis Mell’s gecko
    Vietnam gecko Mindoro narrow-disked gecko Lined/skunk gecko
    Spotted house gecko Gekko wenxianensis Yakushima gecko
    Iranian short-fingered gecko/ Murray’s comb-fingered gecko Middle Eastern short-fingered gecko/ Doria’s comb-fingered gecko Stout gecko/ Jordan short-fingered gecko
    Southern short-fingered gecko/ Eastern sand gecko Stenodactylus mauritanicus Egyptian sand gecko/ Anderson’s short-fingered gecko/ dune gecko
    Beautiful short-fingered gecko Slevin’s short-fingered gecko/ Slevin’s sand gecko Stenodactylus stenurus
    Lichtenstein’s short-fingered gecko/ elegant gecko Yemen short-fingered gecko Braack’s dwarf leaf-toed gecko/ Braack’s pygmy gecko/ Karoo leaf-toed gecko
    Essex’s dwarf leaf-toed gecko/ Essex’s pygmy gecko Richtersveld pygmy gecko/ Richtersveld dwarf leaf-toed gecko Richtersveld dwarf leaf-toed gecko/ Richtersveld pygmy gecko
    Hewitt’s dwarf leaf-toed gecko/ Hewitt’s leaf-toed gecko/ Hewitt’s pygmy gecko Cedarberg dwarf leaf-toed gecko/ Cedarberg pygmy gecko Goggia incognita
    Striped dwarf leaf-toed gecko/ striped pygmy gecko Goggia matzikamaensis Small-scaled dwarf leaf-toed gecko/ small-scaled dwarf leaf-toed gecko/ small-scaled gecko
    Namaqua pygmy gecko/ Namaqua dwarf leaf-toed gecko Tenuidactylus bogdanovi Caspian thin-toed gecko/ Caspian bent-toed gecko
    Tenuidactylus dadunensis Kashghar thin-toed gecko/ Yangihissar gecko Turkestan thin-toed gecko
    Nikolsky’s long-toed gecko/ long-legged thin-toed gecko Turkmenian thin-toed gecko Southwest thin-toed gecko
    Aaron Bauer’s house gecko Oman ghost leaf-toed gecko/ Dhofar leaf-toed gecko Hemidactylus acanthopholis
    Hemidactylus adensis Leschenault’s leaf-toed gecko Country leaf-toed gecko
    Hemidactylus albituberculatus Hemidactylus longicephalus Hemidactylus albivertebralis
    Hemidactylus lopezjuradoi White-striped viper gecko Hemidactylus luqueorum
    White leaf-toed gecko/ white-spotted gecko Cosmopolitan house gecko/ afro-american house gecko/ tropical house gecko Hemidactylus alfarraji
    Boulenger’s gecko/ largescale leaf-toed gecko Hemidactylus alkiyumii Guinea leaf-toed gecko
    Anamalai Hill gecko/ Anamalay gecko Giant spotted gecko/ spotted leaf-toed gecko Hemidactylus angulatus
    Hemidactylus makolowodei Nigeria leaf-toed gecko Annobon leaf-toed gecko
    Smith’s bent-toed gecko Hemidactylus aquilonius Arnold’s leaf-toed gecko
    Hemidactylus mandebensis Hemidactylus asirensis Hemidactylus masirahensis
    Hemidactylus awashensis Parker’s leaf-toed gecko Hemidactylus barbierii
    Enigmatic gecko Hemidactylus mercatorius Bavazzano’s gecko/ Somali banded gecko
    Mount Sinai gecko Hemidactylus minutus Barboza’s leaf-toed gecko
    Tana River gecko/ moderate leaf-toed gecko Hemidactylus beninensis Mountain leaf-toed gecko
    Bioko leaf-toed gecko Boa Vista leaf-toed gecko Kaya gecko
    Bouvier’s leaf-toed gecko/ Cape Verde leaf-toed gecko Murray’s house gecko Newton’s leaf-toed gecko
    Sikkimese dark-spotted gecko/ Asian smooth gecko/ Bowring’s gecko/ oriental leaf-toed gecko Snakescale leaf-toed gecko Amaral’s Brazilian gecko
    Lanza’s leaf-toed gecko Sharpnose leaf-toed gecko Brooke’s house gecko/ spotted house gecko
    Central Indian leaf-toed gecko Travancore rock gecko Antilles leaf-toed gecko
    Speedy leaf-toed gecko Hemidactylus parvimaculatus Hemidactylus coalescens
    Mocquard’s house/ frilly house gecko/ frilled gecko/ Hemidactylus pauciporosus Hemidactylus paucituberculatus
    Northern leaf-toed gecko/ Parker’s gecko Persian leaf-toed gecko/ Persian gecko Hemidactylus dawudazraqi
    Hemidactylus pieresii Baobab gecko/ flathead leaf-toed gecko/ tree gecko Sri Lanka leaf-nosed gecko/ Kandyan gecko
    Asian house gecko/ flat-tailed house gecko/ frilled house gecko Hemidactylus dracaenacolus Hedgehog leaf-toed gecko
    Hemidactylus porbandarensis Hemidactylus endophis Bombay leaf-toed gecko/ Prashad’s gecko
    Hemidactylus eniangii Hemidactylus principensis Banded leaf-toed gecko
    Hemidactylus pseudomuriceus Hemidactylus festivus Zanzibar leaf-toed gecko/ Somali plain gecko
    Yellow-belly gecko/ northern house gecko Pigmy leaf-toed gecko Socotra leaf-toed gecko
    Reticulate leaf-toed gecko Hemidactylus foudaii Reticulate leaf-toed gecko
    Hemidactylus fragilis Richardson’s leaf-toed gecko Common house gecko/ Asian house gecko/ Pacific house gecko
    Heyden’s gecko Archer’s post gecko/ Archer’s post gecko Hemidactylus romeshkanicus
    Assam greyish brown gecko/ fox gecko/ Garnot’s house gecko/ Indo-Pacific gecko Turnip-tailed black and yellow gecko/ farm leaf-toed gecko/ Ruspoli’s gecko Giant leaf-toed gecko/ giant gecko/ giant southern tree gecko
    Hemidactylus saba Sahgal’s termite hill gecko Gleadow’s house gecko
    Satara gecko Scaly gecko Graceful leaf-toed gecko
    Hemidactylus shihraensis Granchi’s leaf-toed gecko Red Sea gecko/ Sinai leaf-toed gecko
    Hemidactylus graniticolus Hemidactylus granosus Hampi rock gecko
    Grant’s leaf-toed gecko Greeff’s gecko/ Greeff’s giant gecko Smith’s leaf-toed gecko
    Northern Somali leaf-toed gecko Gujarat gecko Hemidactylus hajarensis
    Tornier’s leaf-toed gecko/ Nyika gecko Hemidactylus hemchandrai Stejneger’s leaf-toed gecko
    Arabian leaf-toed gecko Madras blotched gecko/ Jerdon’s gecko Spotted giant gecko
    Carrot-tail viper gecko Dutta mahendragiri gecko Hemidactylus inexpectatus
    Socotran rock gecko Dutumi gecko/ Tanzanian diamond gecko/ Tanzania leaf-toed gecko Uniform-scaled gecko/ scaly leaf-toed gecko
    Tasmanian leaf-toed gecko Ituri leaf-toed gecko Hemidactylus taylori
    Hemidactylus tenkatei Mrioen leaf-toed gecko/ Ethiopian gecko Hemidactylus tenkatei
    Hemidactylus thayene Treutler’s gecko Hemidactylus jumailiae
    Dakota’s leaf-toed gecko/ termite hill gecko/ blotched house gecko Kamdem Toham’s gecko Hemidactylus kangerensis
    Mocquard’s leaf-toed gecko/ Ogaden gecko Burmese spotted gecko/ Burmese leaf-toed gecko Mediterranean house gecko/ Turkish gecko
    Hemidactylus klauberi Hemidactylus ulii Hemidactylus kundaensis
    Megamalai rock gecko Hemidactylus kurdicus Vietnam leaf-toed gecko/ Vietnam house gecko
    Kushmore house gecko Hemidactylus kyaboboensis Common leaf-toed gecko
    Hemidactylus vijayraghavani Hemidactylus lamaensis Whitaker’s termite hill gecko
    Sri Lanka leaf-toed gecko/ termite hill gecko Kanker rock gecko Andersson’s leaf-toed gecko
    Yerburi’s leaf-toed gecko/ Yerbury’s gecko Syrian house gecko Trachydactylus hajarensis
    Trachydactylus spatalurus Hemiphyllodactylus arakuensis Southern Ghats slender gecko
    Ba Na dwarf gecko Hemiphyllodactylus bintik Changning slender gecko
    Chiang Mai dwarf gecko Penang Island slender gecko Dushan dwarf gecko/ Dushan gypsy gecko/ Dushan slender gecko
    Pulau Enggano dwarf gecko Yellow-bellied dwarf gecko Palauan slender gecko
    Hartert’s slender gecko/ Bintang slender gecko Hong Kong slender gecko Hemiphyllodactylus huishuiensis
    Philippine slender gecko Jinping dwarf gecko/ Jinping gypsy gecko/ Jinping slender gecko Hemiphyllodactylus jnana
    Khlong Lan dwarf gecko Kizirian’s slender gecko Hemiphyllodactylus kolliensis
    Larut dwarf gecko Lynn-Way dwarf gecko Longling dwarf gecko/ Longling gypsy gecko/ Longling slender gecko
    Sumatran slender gecko Montawa dwarf gecko Tebu Mountain slender-toed gecko
    Titiwangsa slender gecko Phapant dwarf gecko  
    Common dwarf gecko/ Indopacific slender gecko/ Indopacific tree gecko SubspeciesHemiphyllodactylus typus chapaensisHemiphyllodactylus typus pallidusHemiphyllodactylus typus typus
    Uga’s slender gecko Asian slender geck/ Yunnan gypsy gecko/ Yunnan dwarf gecko Ywangan slender gecko
    Zug’s slender gecko Arabian short-fingered gecko/ Arabian sand gecko Trigonodactylus persicus
    Trigonodactylus sharqiyahensis Black Pilbara gecko Bynoe’s gecko/ prickly gecko
    Pale-headed gecko Bynoe’s prickly gecko Cave prickly gecko/ pilbara cave gecko/ desert cave gecko
    Algerian sand gecko Bishari dwarf gecko Tropiocolotes confusus
    Tropiocolotes hormozganensis Natterer’s gecko Tropiocolotes naybandensis
    Steudner’s gecko Scortecci’s sand gecko Parker’s pigmy gecko
    Steudner’s dwarf gecko  
    Northern sand gecko/ Tripoli gecko SubspeciesTropiocolotes tripolitanus apoklomax, Tropiocolotes tripolitanus occidentalis, Tropiocolotes tripolitanus tripolitanus
    Tropiocolotes wolfgangboehmei Homopholis arnoldi Striped velvet gecko/ banded velvet gecko
    Muller’s velvet gecko Wahlberg’s velvet gecko Kolekanos plumicaudus
    Seychelles sucker-tailed gecko/ Seychelles surprise gecko Congo palm gecko Rasmussen’s gecko
    Weiler’s gecko Wolterstorff’s gecko Golden scaly-toed gecko/ yellow-lined smooth-scaled gecko


    Batan scaly-toed gecko Brown’s scaly-toed gecko Lepidodactylus buleli
    Christian’s scaly-toed gecko


    Eua forest gecko/ Eua scaly-toed gecko Yellow-eyed scaly-toed gecko/ yellow-eyed gecko
    Rotuman forest Gecko Solomon scaly-toed gecko/ Guppy’s gecko  
    Negros scaly-toed gecko, white-lined smooth-scaled gecko SubspeciesLepidodactylus herrei herrei, Lepidodactylus herrei medianus
    Lepidodactylus intermedius Dark-spotted smooth-scaled gecko/ Mindanao false gecko Christmas Island chained gecko/ Lister’s gecko
    Lepidodactylus lombocensis Common smooth-scaled gecko/ mourning gecko Mountain scaly-toed gecko
    Fiji scaly-toed gecko/ Viti forest gecko Lepidodactylus moestus Bougainville’s scaly-toed gecko
    New Guinea scaly-toed gecko


    Mortlock Islands scaly-toed gecko Lepidodactylus oortii
    Oriental scaly-toed gecko Beach scaly-toed gecko Seventy Islands gecko


    Mindanao scaly-toed gecko/ small broad-tailed smooth-scaled gecko Wild scaly-toed gecko/ Admiralty gecko Slender chained gecko
    Sabah scaly-toed gecko Guadalcanal scaly-toed gecko Tuvalu forest gecko
    Lepidodactylus vanuatuensis     Woodford’s scaly-toed gecko Lanyu scaly-toed gecko
    Northern leaf-tail gecko/ northern flat-tail gecko Spearpoint leaf-tail gecko Uroplatus fiera
    Common leaf-tail gecko Uroplatus finaritra Uroplatus finiavana
    Uroplatus fotsivava Giant leaf-tail gecko Günther’s leaf-tail gecko
    Frilled leaf-tail gecko Uroplatus kelirambo Lined leaf-tail gecko
    Uroplatus malahelo Uroplatus malama Satanic leaf-tail gecko/ phantastic leaf-tailed gecko/ eyelash leaf-tailed gecko
    Cork-bark leaf-tail gecko Uroplatus sameiti Mossy leaf-tail gecko


    Asaccus andersoni Asaccus arnoldi Asaccus barani
    Emirati leaf-toed gecko Werner’s leaf-toed gecko/ Elisa’s leaf-toed gecko Gallagher’s leaf-toed gecko/ Gallagher’s gecko
    Asaccus gardneri Asaccus granularis Grey-marked gecko/ grey-spotted leaf-toed gecko
    Asaccus iranicus Kermanshah leaf-toed gecko Kurdistan leaf-toed gecko
    Margarita’s leaf-toed gecko Mountain leaf-toed gecko Nasrullah’s leaf-toed gecko
    Flat-snouted leaf-toed gecko Asaccus saffinae Asaccus tangestanensis
    Asaccus zagrosicus
    Chilean marked gecko SubspeciesGarthia gaudichaudii dorbigniiGarthia gaudichaudii gaudichaudiiGarthia gaudichaudii klugei
    Coquimbo marked gecko
    Gymnodactylus amarali Gymnodactylus darwinii Gymnodactylus geckoides
    Gymnodactylus guttulatus Gymnodactylus vanzolinii Haemodracon riebeckii
    Haemodracon trachyrhinus Cei’s marked gecko Borelli’s marked gecko
    Darwin’s marked gecko SubspeciesHomonota darwinii darwinii, Homonota darwinii macrocephala
    Homonota fasciata Homonota horrida Homonota marthae
    Homonota rupicola Homonota septentrionalis Homonota taragui
    Underwood’s marked gecko Uruguay marked gecko Argentine marked gecko
    Homonota williamsii Narrow leaf-toed gecko Barrington leaf-toed gecko
    Baur’s leaf-toed gecko Phyllodactylus benedettii Guerreran leaf-toed gecko
    Catalina Island leaf-toed gecko Cerro Illescas gecko Darwin’s leaf-toed gecko
    Davis’s leaf-toed gecko Del Campo’s leaf-toed gecko Phyllodactylus delsolari
    Dixon’s leaf-toed gecko Duellman’s pigmy leaf-toed gecko Phyllodactylus duncanensis
    Galapagos leaf-toed gecko South American leaf-toed gecko Gilbert’s leaf-toed gecko
    Española leaf-toed gecko Dominican leaf-toed gecko Sonoran leaf-toed gecko
    Peru leaf-toed gecko Belize leaf-toed gecko Andes leaf-toed gecko
    Rio Huancabamba leaf-toed gecko Aruba leaf-toed gecko Coastal leaf-toed gecko
    Phyllodactylus kropotkini Lane’s leaf-toed gecko Chatham leaf-toed gecko/ San Cristóbal Island leaf-toed gecko
    Phyllodactylus leoni Western leaf-toed gecko Noble’s leaf-toed gecko
    Dutch leaf-toed gecko Central leaf-toed gecko Oaxacan leaf-toed gecko
    Peninsula leaf-toed gecko Phyllodactylus pachamama Honduras leaf-toed gecko
    Phyllodactylus papenfussi Phyllodactylus paralepis Pardita Norte leaf-toed gecko
    Rio Marquez Valley gecko Barbados leaf-toed gecko Phyllodactylus pumilus
    Peters’s leaf-toed gecko Venezuela leaf-toed gecko Lima leaf-toed gecko
    Haiti leaf-toed gecko Phyllodactylus thompsoni Colombian leaf-toed gecko
    Yellowbelly gecko San lucan gecko Phyllodactylus ventralis
    Puerto Rican leaf-toed gecko Leaf-toed gecko/ peninsular leaf-toed gecko Heuter’s gecko
    Lutz’s gecko/ Bogert’s gecko/ Lutz’ marked gecko Phyllopezus maranjonensis Paraíba gecko/ Peraiba gecko
    Brazilian gecko Przewalsky’s gecko Ptyodactylus ananjevae
    Ptyodactylus dhofarensis Sinai fan-fingered gecko
    Yellow fan-fingered gecko SubspeciesPtyodactylus hasselquistii hasselquistiiPtyodactylus hasselquistii krameri
    Pakistan fan-fingered gecko Ptyodactylus orlovi Algerian fan-fingered gecko
    Israeli fan-fingered gecko Ragazzi’s fan-footed gecko Riva and Padial’s fan-footed gecko
    Ruus al Jibal fan-footed gecko Togo fan-footed gecko Jamaican giant gecko
    American wall gecko Subspecies : Tarentola americana AmericanaTarentola americana warren
    Canary wall gecko
    Ringed wall gecko SubspeciesTarentola annularis annularisTarentola annularis relicta
    Selvagens gecko Boavista wall gecko Bocage’s wall gecko
    Morocco wall gecko
    Boettger’s wall gecko SubspeciesTarentola boettgeri boettgeriTarentola boettgeri hierrensis
    Cape Verde wall gecko Helmethead gecko Crombie’s wall gecko
    Darwin’s wall gecko Tenerife wall gecko Desert wall gecko
    African wall gecko SubspeciesTarentola ephippiata ephippiataTarentola ephippiata hoggarensisTarentola ephippiata nikolausiTarentola ephippiata senegambiae
    Wolfgang’s wall gecko/ moorish gecko Fogo wall gecko
    Giant wall gecko Subspecies: Tarentola gigas brancoensisTarentola gigas gigas
    Gomera wall gecko Maio wall gecko
    Tarentola mauritanica SubspeciesTarentola mauritanica juliaeTarentola mauritanica mauritanicaTarentola mauritanica pallida
    Qattara gecko
    Algerian wall gecko SubspeciesTarentola neglecta geyriTarentola neglecta lanzaiTarentola neglecta neglecta
    São Nicolau wall gecko Sierra Leone wall gecko Tarentola pastoria
    Tarentola protogigas SubspeciesTarentola protogigas hartogiTarentola protogigas protogigas
    Raso wall gecko Tarentola rudis São Vicente wall gecko
    Thecadactylus oskrobapreinorum Thecadactylus rapicauda Thecadactylus solimoensis


    Striped Caribbean gecko Cochran’s croaking gecko/ Cochran’s Caribbean gecko/ Navassa gecko Hispaniolan desert gecko
    St. George Island gecko Caicos gecko/ Hecht’s Caribbean gecko Hispaniolan giant gecko/ spotted Caribbean gecko
    Aristelliger nelsoni Jamaican croaking gecko/ Jamaican croaking lizard Reyes’s Caribbean gecko
    Brazilian pygmy gecko Goias gecko Coleodactylus elizae
    Meridian gecko Natal pygmy gecko Ilha maracá gecko
    European leaf-toed gecko
    Yellow-headed gecko SubspeciesGonatodes albogularis albogularisGonatodes albogularis bodiniiGonatodes albogularis notatus
    Gonatodes alexandermendesi Annulated gecko Antilles gecko
    Gonatodes astralis Cajamarca gecko Shieldhead gecko
    Brilliant South American gecko O’Shaughnessy’s gecko Grenadines clawed gecko/ Union Island gecko
    South American gecko Estado Falcon gecko Haseman’s gecko
    Trinidad gecko Gonatodes infernalis Perijá lichen gecko
    Gonatodes ligiae Gonatodes nascimentoi Gonatodes naufragus
    Eyespot gecko Peters’s gecko Gonatodes purpurogularis
    Gonatodes rayito Gonatodes riveroi Roze’s gecko
    Estados Sucre gecko Sarisariñama Forest gecko Estado Aragua gecko
    Pará gecko Gonatodes timidus Wiegmann’s striped gecko
    Lepidoblepharis buchwaldi Lepidoblepharis colombianus Lepidoblepharis conolepis
    Lepidoblepharis duolepis Lepidoblepharis emberawoundule Brown dwarf gecko
    Lepidoblepharis grandis Lepidoblepharis heyerorum Hoogmoed’s scaly-eyed gecko / spotted dwarf gecko
    Lepidoblepharis intermedius Lepidoblepharis microlepis Lepidoblepharis miyatai
    Paraguanan ground gekko Lepidoblepharis nukak Lepidoblepharis peraccae
    Lepidoblepharis rufigularis Lepidoblepharis ruthveni Lepidoblepharis sanctaemartae
    Lepidoblepharis victormartinezi Lepidoblepharis williamsi Lepidoblepharis xanthostigma
    Abdel Kuri rock gecko Pristurus adrarensis
    Carter’s rock gecko/ Carter’s semaphore gecko SubspeciesPristurus carteri carteriPristurus carteri tuberculatus
    Oman rock geck/ bar-tailed semaphore gecko Collared rock gecko Valenciennes rock gecko/ cross-marked semaphore gecko
    Middle Eastern rock gecko/ Rüppell’s semaphore gecko Gallagher’s rock gecko/ Wadi Kharrar rock gecko Guichard’s rock gecko
    Blanford’s rock gecko Haggier Massif rock gecko Peters’s rock gecko
    Pristurus mazbah Arnold’s rock gecko,/ least semaphore gecko Mangrove semaphore gecko
    Birdhead rock gecko Somali rock gecko Saudi rock gecko
    Persia rock gecko, rock semaphore gecko, Blanford’s semaphore gecko Subspecies: Pristurus rupestris guweirensisPristurus rupestris iranicusPristurus rupestris rupestris
    Yemen rock gecko Pristurus samhaensis Pristurus schneideri
    Coastal rock gecko Socotra rock gecko Somali rock gecko/ somali semaphore gecko
    Barbour’s clawed gecko Colombian clawed gecko Pseudogonatodes gasconi
    Amazon pigmy gecko SubspeciesPseudogonatodes guianensis amazonicusPseudogonatodes guianensis guianensis
    Venezuela clawed gecko Pseudogonatodes manessi Peru clawed gecko
    Quedenfeldtia moerens Atlas day gecko Banded-toed gecko/ banded lizard-fingered gecko
    Saurodactylus brosseti


    Saurodactylus mauritanicus


    Bedraiga’s wonder gecko/ Bedriaga’s plate-tailed gecko Persian wonder gecko Teratoscincus mesriensis
    Small-scaled wonder gecko Small-scaled wonder gecko Przewalski’s wonder gecko
    Teratoscincus roborowskii Teratoscincus rustamowi Common wonder gecko/ frog-eyed gecko
    Teratoscincus sistanense Sphaerodactylus alphus Alto Velo least gecko/ Alto Velo sphaero
    Cayman least gecko Ocellated gecko/ ocellated sphaero/ stippled sphaero Jaragua sphaero/ Jaragua dwarf gecko
    Guantanamo least gecko/ Guantanamo coastal gecko Armstrong’s least gecko Haitian least gecko
    Saint Croix’s sphaero/ Beatty’s least gecko Beck’s least gecko El Yunque least gecko
    Caicos banded sphaero/ Caicos least gecko Rough-banded sphaero/ callous least gecko Baracoan eyespot sphaero
    Gray gecko Peninsula least gecko Cochran’s least gecko
    Sphaerodactylus continentalis Cope’s least gecko Central Bahamas sphaero/ Rum Cay least gecko
    Turquino collared sphaero Bakoruco least gecko Jamaican tailspot sphaero/ eastern Jamaican sharpnosed sphaero
    Darlington’s least gecko Hispaniolan eyespot sphaero/ difficult least gecko Sphaerodactylus dimorphicus
    Cabo Cruz banded sphaero Dunn’s least gecko Marche Leon least gecko/ snout-shield sphaero
    Ashy gecko Antigua least gecko Hispaniolan tailspot sphaero
    Sphaerodactylus exsul Fantastic least gecko Chevronated sphaero/ Gaige’s least gecko
    Jamaican collared sphaero/ Jamaican least gecko Collared dwarf gecko/ least gecko Jamaican forest sphaero/ Cakoarita least gecko
    Costa Rica least gecko Sphaerodactylus guanajae Sphaerodactylus heliconiae
    Caribbean least gecko Inagua sphaero/ Inagua least gecko Mantanzas least gecko


    Bequia dwarf gecko/ Bequia sphaero/ Grenadines sphaero Sphaerodactylus klauberi Martin Garcia least gecko
    Cap-Haitien least gecko Sphaerodactylus leonardovaldesi Eastern least gecko
    Desecheo gecko/ Isla Desecheo least gecko Panama least gecko Big-scaled least gecko/ big-scaled dwarf gecko/ cotton ginner
    Southern Bahamas sphaero/ Mayaguana least gecko Little-scaled least gecko Monito gecko
    Spotted least gecko Tobago least gecko Mona least gecko
    Nichols least gecko,/ Nichol’s dwarf sphaero/ Puerto Rican crescent sphaero Black-spotted least gecko/ three-banded sphaero Reef gecko/ brown-speckled sphaero
    Morne Dubois least gecko Peravia least gecko Juventud least gecko
    Fond Parisien least gecko Jamaican sharpnosed sphaero Pacific least gecko
    Parker’s least gecko/ southern Jamaica banded sphaero Virgin Islands dwarf sphaero/ Virgin Gorda least gecko/ Virgin Islands dwarf gecko Sphaerodactylus parvus
    Dominican least gecko Sphaerodactylus phyzacinus Pepper sphaero/ Cuban pepper sphaero
    Barahona big-scaled sphaero Sphaerodactylus poindexteri Ramsden’s least gecko
    Pedernales least gecko Two-striped sphaero/ Vallede Neiba least gecko Richard’s banded sphaero/ Zapata big-scaled sphaero
    Richardson’s least gecko,/ northern Jamaica banded sphaero Roosevelt’s beige sphaero/ Roosevelt’s least gecko Bay Island least gecko
    Ruibal’s least gecko Saba least gecko Samana least gecko
    Altagracia speckled sphaero/ Savage’s least gecko Double-collared sphaero/ Camaguey least gecko Boulenger’s least gecko
    Neiba agave geckolet/ Neiba agave sphaero/ Schubert’s least gecko Guantanamo collared sphaero/ Monitongas collared geckolet/ Schwartz’s dwarf gecko Cockpit eyespot sphaero/ Cockpit least gecko
    Shreve’s least gecko Sphaerodactylus siboney Terrenueve least gecko/ Terre-Neuve least gecko/ northwest Haitian banded geckolet
    Island least gecko Isle of pines sphaero/ los canarreos sphaero Hispaniola least gecko/ Hispaniolan small-eared sphaero
    Thompson’s least gecko/ Barahona limestone sphaero Barbour’s least gecko/ Cuban broad-banded geckolet Townsend’s least gecko/ Townsend’s dwarf sphaero/ Puerto Rican sandy geckolet
    Underwood’s least gecko/ Turks Islands geckolet Vincent’s least gecko/ Central Lesser Antillean sphaero/ Windward geckolet Williams’s least gecko/ Haitian striped geckolet
    Dame-Marie least gecko/ Tiburon coastal geckolet

    Habitat: Where do Geckos Live Geckos prefer warm climates but they have adapted themselves to thriving in rainforests, deserts, and other places. Some speices live at human settlements, such as backyards, garages, while some live in forests.Diet: What Do They Eat Flies, ants, termites, spiders, and other dragonflies, mosquitoes, and moths, and insect larvae are common foods for geckos.Reproduction and Life Cycle Some gecko species follow the parthenogenesis process where a female gecko produces fertilized eggs, without any help from the male counterpart. Although most of geckos lay eggs, meaning they are oviparous, a handful of gecko species directly give birth to live young geckos. While some geckos reproduce once in a year, a few go through the process twice a year.How Long Do Geckos Live Depending on the species, the lifespan of a gecko can range from 5 to 20 years.Threats and Predators Snakes are the biggest threat for geckos, and so are birds and large spiders.Interesting Facts

    • Since most geckos do not have eyelids, they lick their eyes to keep it moist.
    • They use their tail to defend themselves from predators. Due to the autotomy process, they shed the tail and run away further from their threats, if required. The tail is a storehouse of fat for them which they can use if required. They can regrow the tail later.
    • Geckos belonging to the Gekkonidae family, communicate with each other through clicking and chirping vocalizations.
    • The nocturnal geckos’ sensitive vision in low light is 350 times better than human visual power.
    • Geckos can change their body color to camouflage.
    • A few species, known as flying geckos, can glide.

    Leopard Gecko
    Chinese Cave Gecko
    Western Banded Gecko
    Mourning Gecko
    Crocodile Gecko
    Leachie Gecko (New Caledonian Giant Gecko)
    Golden Gecko
    African Fat Tailed Gecko
    Mediterranean Gecko
    Common House Gecko
    Gargoyle Gecko
    Tokay Gecko
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