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Central Ranges Taipan

Central ranges taipan is a species of large, venomous snake found in Australia. The species was discovered only in 2007 by Australian researchers and not much is known about the species. Only five specimens have been recorded so far.

    Kingdom Animalia
    Phylum Chordata
    Subphylum Vertebrata
    Class Reptilia
    Order Squamata
    Suborder Serpentes
    Family Elapidae
    Genus Oxyuranus
    Scientific Name Oxyuranus temporalis

    Other Names Western Desert Taipan
    Length One immature and another adult female documented measures 1 m and 1.3 m respectively
    Color Brownish to grayish
    Distribution Australia
    Habitat The documented specimens were found near the  Australian aboriginal reserves
    Diet No information available
    Venom Fact Highly venomous
    Mode of Reproduction No information available
    IUCN Conservation Status Data Deficient

    Central Ranges Taipan Pictures Gallery

    Published on December 4th 2016 by under Snakes. Article was last reviewed on 7th June 2019.

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