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False Gharial

The False Gharial is a freshwater species that has earned its scientific name from Hermann Schlegel, a German herpetologist. The young hatchlings are not taken care of by their parents and thus often get preyed upon by wild dogs, leopards, mongoose and tigers.

Scientific NameTomistoma schlegelii

Also Known asTomistoma, Sunda gharial, and Malayan gharial
LengthMales: 11-16 ft (132-192 in) Females: 10-13 ft (120-156 in)
WeightMales: 190-210 kg (418-462 oz) Females: Around 93 kg(205 oz)
ColorationGrayish white ventral side, reddish brown body exhibiting cross bands on the tail and back
Distribution Indonesia, and peninsular Malaysia
HabitatFreshwater rivers, lakes, and swamps
DietMonkeys and macaques , waterbirds, snakes, and fish
Clutch Size13-35 eggs
Mode of ReproductionOviparous
IUCN Conservation Status Vulnerable

False Gharial Facts and Pictures

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