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Meller’s Chameleon

Meller’s chameleon is a species of chameleon found in Africa. It is the largest among chameleons not native to Madagascar. Like other chameleons, it can change its colors and it depends on the circumstances. The species is carnivore.

    Kingdom Animalia
    Phylum Chordata
    Subphylum Vertebrata
    Class Reptilia
    Order Squamata
    Suborder Sauria
    Infraorder Iguania
    Family Chamaeleonidae
    Subfamily Chamaeleoninae
    Genus Trioceros
    Scientific Name Trioceros melleri

    Other Names Giant One-horned Chameleon
    Size Around 61 cm; larger specimens measures more than 76 cm
    Weight Large specimens weigh around 600 g
    Color Deep forest green basic color  with white stripes; flanks contain brown, dark green, yellow or black spots and broad vertical bands; colors vary according to circumstances
    Distribution Malawi, northern Mozambique, Tanzania
    Habitat Bushy savannahs, interior mountains
    Diet Insects, smaller lizards, crickets, spiders, worms, caterpillars, small birds
    Mode of Reproduction Oviparous (egg laying)
    Clutch Size Up to 80 eggs
    Incubation Period 4 to 5 months
    Average Lifespan Around 12 years
    IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern

    Meller’s Chameleon Pictures Gallery

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