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Midland Water Snake

The midland water snake is a subspecies of Nerodiasipedonor the Northern Water Snake. It is a carnivorous snake, living near or in the water, justifying its name.

    Kingdom Animalia
    Phylum Chordata
    Class Reptilia
    Order Squamata
    Suborder Serpentes
    Family Colubridae
    Genus Nerodia
    Species Nerodiasipedon
    Scientific Name Nerodiasipedonpleuralis

    Size 24-48 in (61-122 cm)
    Color Greyish brown shade with darker crossbands
    Distribution Southern and Central United States
    Habitat Streams, ponds, and marshes
    Diet Salamanders, tadpoles, and fishes
    Hibernation Throughout the winter
    Predators Bigger snakes, hawks, and raccons
    Venom Fact Non-venomous
    Mode of Reproduction Ovoviviparous
    Breeding Season March-April
    Litter Size 25-26
    Average Lifespan 9-10 years
    IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern

    Midland Water Snake Pictures Gallery

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