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Storeria Dekayi

This snake is named after the American Zoologist Mr. James Ellsworth De Kay. This snake doesn’t have any loreal scale, rather dorsal scales only, that too keeled.

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Reptilia
Order Squamata
Suborder Serpentes
Family Colubridae
Genus Storeria
Scientific Name Storeria dekayi

Common Name Brown snake, De Kay’s snake
Size 12-19 in (30-48 cm)
Color Black or gray body with some black stripes and the ventral side is black spotted light pink or brown
Distribution United States, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador
Habitat Wetlands, forested areas, under logs, on the leaves, and rocks
Subspecies Storeria dekayi anomalaStoreria dekayi dekayiStoreria dekayi limnetesStoreria dekayi temporalineataStoreria dekayi texanaStoreria dekayi tropicaStoreria dekayi wrightorum
Diet Earthworms, snails, and slugs
Venom Fact Non-venomous
Mode of Reproduction Ovoviviparous
Litter Size Around 13
IUCN Conservation Status Not listed

Storeria Dekayi Pictures Gallery

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