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New Guinea Crocodile

The New Guinea Crocodile is a nocturnal species with a tendency to basking in the sun in groups and preying and eating at night. Matured females are known to produce “roar” like vocalization whenever intimidated.

Order Crocodilia
Scientific NameCrocodylus novaeguineae

Other Names Wahne huala, Buaya air tawar, Puk Puk, Singapore large grain, and New Guinea freshwater crocodile
LengthMales: Around 11 ft (132 in) Females: Around 8.9 ft (106 in)
ColorationGray to brown
DistributionPapua and New Guinea
HabitatBrackish water, freshwater swamps, lakes, and marshes
DietSnakes, frogs, crabs, mammals (medium-sized), and shrimps
Clutch Size22-45 eggs
Mode of ReproductionOviparous
IUCN Conservation StatusLeast Concern

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Published on July 16th 2019 by under Crocodiles. Article was last reviewed on 25th June 2019.

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