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West African Crocodile

Commonly confused with Nile crocodile, the West African crocodile is named by the French naturalist, Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire. Mummified West African Crocodiles have been exhumed in Egypt, referring to the Crocodile God “Sobek” of the civilization.

Scientific NameCrocodylus suchus

Also Known asDesert crocodile
Length5-13 ft (1.5-4 m)
WeightAround 907 kg (2000 lb)
ColorationDark green to black
DistributionCentral and West Africa
HabitatForested and open habitats, burrows, and caves, wetlands, lagoons, and mangrove waters
DietFish and mammals
Breeding SeasonNovember-December
Clutch Size25-80 eggs
Mode of ReproductionOviparous
IUCN Conservation StatusNot listed

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