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Smooth-fronted Caiman

The smooth-fronted caiman is a territorial species. The South American caiman’s scientific name, “trigonatus” is a mixture of one Greek and one Latin words. While Greek word trigonos means three-cornered, the Latin atus mean “provided with”. All these are relevant to the head’s triangular shape.

Class Reptilia
Scientific Name Paleosuchus trigonatus

LengthMales: 5.7-7.7ft (68.4-92.4 in) Females: Around4.7 ft (56.4 in)
ColorationGrayish brown body, eyes are brown
DistributionColombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Guyana, Peru, and French Guiana, Orinoco Basins, and Amazon
HabitatWater bodies in forested zones
DietAquatic insects, reptiles, birds, small fish
Mode of ReproductionOviparous
Clutch Size10-20 eggs
IUCN Conservation StatusLeast Concern

Smooth-fronted Caiman Pictures Gallery

Published on July 10th 2019 by under Caimans. Article was last reviewed on 25th June 2019.

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