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Spiny Softshell Turtle

One of North America’s largest freshwater turtles, the Spiny Softshell Turtle gets its name from the spiny projections it bears on the carapace. It has six subspecies.

    Kingdom Animalia
    Phylum Chordata
    Subphylum Vertebrata
    Class Reptilia
    Order Testudines
    Suborder Cryptodira
    Family Trionychidae
    Subfamily Trionychinae
    Genus Apalone
    Species A. spinifera
    Scientific Name Apalone spinifera

    Length 5 to 19 inches
    Color Dark gray to black
    Distribution Throughout much of the USA, the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec, Mexican states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Coahuila and Chihuahua
    Habitat Shallow parts of freshwater lakes, ponds, rivers, etc.
    • Northern spiny softshell
    • Gulf Coast spiny softshell
    • Black spiny softshell
    • Texas spiny softshell
    • Guadalupe spiny softshell
    • Pallid spiny softshell
    Diet Aquatic turtle pellets, small crayfish, grasshoppers, crickets, ghost shrimp, earthworms, blood worms, and small fish
    Breeding Season Mid-to-late spring
    Clutch Size Up to 36 eggs (typical clutch size is 20)
    Mode of Reproduction Oviparous (egg laying)
    IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern

    Spiny Softshell Turtle Pictures Gallery

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