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Philippine Crocodile

The freshwater crocodile is a small one with mythological references in Philippines culture. The native people think it is both a sacred yet dangerous species that has a connection with dead men’s soul. Its identity as a separate species has been establish post 1989, before that it was considered to be a susbspecies of another species, namely, the New Guinea crocodile.

Family Crocodylidae
Species Crocodylus mindorensis

Also Known as Philippine freshwater crocodile, Mindoro crocodile, buwaya, and bukarot
LengthAround 4.9 ft (180 in)
WeightAround 529 oz (15 kg)
ColorationGolden brown in adolescent and dark in maturity
DietSmall mammals, bird, snakes, and fish
Breeding SeasonDecember to May
Clutch Size30-40 eggs
Mode of ReproductionOviparous
IUCN Conservation StatusCritically Endangered

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Published on June 28th 2019 by under Crocodiles. Article was last reviewed on 25th June 2019.

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